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Thyroid and Anxiety

I took Lexapro for 6 years and gained weight along with feeling bla and no sex drive.  I took myself off because of all those side effects.  Are there any anxiety meds that help with energy for those like me that have Hypothyroidism?  I also can't gain weight either, it makes my TSH level jump around.  I am on Armor thyroid and doing well.  I just have to much anxiety with my two boy's, I feel like I snap to easy over little things.  I don't like crying all the time or yelling.  Any suggestions?
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This could be caused by the thyroid problem, and might suggest the Armour isn't working well enough.  TSH isn't really the key here, T1-4 are.  Are you getting at least your T3 and T4 levels checked?  The only ssri that seems to have no weight gain problem is Prozac, but all these meds are going to have side effects, though there's no predicting.  You could try the tricyclics, but you're likely to suffer similar side effects, but less chance of weight gain.  But all anti-anxiety meds can cause lessened energy because they're suppressing, not simulating.  You might want to try the holistic route, including, assuming your thyroid is still capable of making hormones, and it may not be after being on Armour for a long time, iodine therapy.  A holistic nutritionist will do more thorough testing of your hormone levels than docs do, will look at your diet and such, and use adaptogenic herbs such as eleuthero and ashwagandha and green foods such as spirulina and wheat grass to keep your energy level up.  I also recommend meditation; it's great for energy.  Good luck.
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