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Tight Chest - Anxiety?

Hello everyone.  Back in November I was having breathing issues after a small panic attack on a plane.  I had numerous tests done on my heart, lungs, etc.  All was well, so it has been concluded that it is anxiety.  I've tried a few different medications to no avail.  It went away for almost a month and then came back in March.  The breathing isn't too terrible, but my chest is tight all day and all night.  No matter what I do, it stays tight.  It's uncomfortable to lay on my back as well.  Has anyone had any such problems?  Thanks for the help... I'm at a loss.
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Sorry for a simplistic suggestion:  sleep on your side.  I have mild obstructive sleep apnea and it is aggravated by lying on my back.  I mostly manage to sleep on my side, but not 100% as I have no control after I fall asleep.

Are you sure you are not suffering from something physical... an allergy?
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I've considered that.  I just went to see another DR who has put me on prednisone and a regular anti-inflammatory.  He believes it's muscular due to my chest being sore as well.  The prednisone should work somewhat if it's allergy related.  Fingers crossed -- I've been on it 4 days now.
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