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Tips for Severe Anxiety?

so sorry in advance if this is stupid but my anxiety has been a monster to deal with since my family and i moved a pretty significant distance; i have a great therapist but no psychiatrist, which is not good. lately and i'm getting to a dangerous point where it's making me extremely depressed and almost delusional at times. i'm struggling to eat or sleep which is obviously not making me feel any better. it's mostly due to both ocd and health anxiety about rabies after my dog scratched me and broke the skin (which, i know, is silly; i'm really embarrassed about this fear specifically but i can't help what i'm afraid of :^(). i have been going crazy trying to convince myself that i'm okay but i just can't... get it to work despite having a lot of information and knowledge on my side.
i can't calm down, i can't get it out of my head and i feel like it's never going to end. i don't have a super huge support system and i feel like i'm going crazy; there are times i want to just run off to the emergency room and demand they do something; i'm not even sure WHAT i would want them to do. it feels like i'm just waiting to get super sick and die terribly and i can't get it out of my head and the biggest problem is any "symptoms" (i.e. symptoms of physical stress that i'm interpreting incorrectly) i feel are really going to kill me or lead up to my horrific death in the moment. there are moments where it eases, but not for long; it's been the better part of a week now that i'm just in full panic mode almost all the time.
i had a therapy appointment this past monday that really really helped me feel better but by the next morning, due to some outside factors, my anxiety was right back up at its peak and has not really eased since. i'm trying to keep in mind all of the grounding techniques he's been working on with me but nothing is working. does anybody have any advice or something that might help me? i'm super tired and scared and i'm sure it'll pass eventually but right now it doesn't feel like it and i want to go back to at least semi-normal asap.
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You could be me. If you have the finances, see a physician and ask for full exam and blood tests. While deep down you know that it is nothing,  it'll help to see it on paper. You mind is strong,  you're not silly. All of us on this site have these issues.  I saw a hypnotherapist, it was brilliant! Unfortunately I don't have money to carry on. Try it. If you want to go to the ER, just do it. They have to see you and besides giving you peace of mind, they may give you meds that work. I'm not Ativan. Not sure what country you are in but ask anyway. Good luck xx
Should read 'I'm ON Ativan '
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I've got to believe that if you're in an area with a therapist you're in an area with psychiatrists.  Usually, if you're spinning as out of control as you say your are, your psychologist will refer you to a psychiatrist for medication.  Therapy is the only cure for this stuff, but for many of us it just doesn't take.  For example, you keep saying outside things are reversing the benefits of the therapy, which shows you aren't internalizing it yet -- I was never able to, but always recommend everyone to try -- it's coming from inside you, from the way you've become used to thinking, not from the outside.  But it takes a lot of time to learn that.  CBT is touted as the best way to do that these days, unless you know a specific event or experience started this off.  Most of us don't.  You aren't going to die of this, but if your life is as disturbed as you say it is you should ask your therapist if he or she thinks you should be on medication and if so for a referral to someone to prescribe it, but stay with the therapy and know that if you don't think anxious thoughts you won't be anxious anymore, if you can learn to do that, unless there is an underlying physiological condition causing it, which is why the above answer is good advice, you should always get a very thorough work-up with a good doctor to make sure there isn't something hormonal or food oriented or nutrition oriented etc that is causing this.  
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