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Tongue cramps caused by anxiety

Hi, a few months ago i started having tongue cramps when i was nervous or anxious, such as during public speaking, however my cramps have started happening more often. They are often accompanied with slight lip twitches or 'grimmacing', and usually happen when i'm talking to people. I have recently moved to university which has been fairly stressful and was wondering if this could cause it? it wasn't really a problem before but is now affecting my social life, i'm not usually a nervous person but these cramps are affecting by speech and causing me to slur, it's really embarrassing, please help!
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Sounds like it might be similar to what I have been going through.  Mine started a few months ago at the same time I started having panic attacks.  It began as Globus (feeling like a lump in your throat or tightness around the adams apple).  Now it has moved under my chin and makes my tongue feel tight.  I havent had any cramps from it like you mentioned.  Just a tightness.  I feel like it affects my speech, but no one seems to notice.  If you push on the muscles under your chin do they feel tight?  They should be loose and mushy.  I can feel it sometimes when I talk and it drives me crazy.  I am pretty sure mine is anxiety related.  I catch myself tensing my tongue and jaw alot and creates alot of tension at the back of my neck as well.

Does any of this sound familiar? Hope you start feeling better.  
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Anxiety can cause a wide variety of physical and mental behaviors, these type symptoms could be some of them, especially if it happens during public speaking. You did not note if the cramps occurred when you weren't speaking anything, a point you might discuss with the doctor soon.

These symptoms can also could be the beginning of Parkinson's, or Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), which are very serious and need medcial attention as early as possible. Can I suggest you see your GP soon about this? Best of luck!
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I would agree with some of the post here this far. This could be a side effect from anxiety, however, please see a doctor in order to get right down to the problem. If your experience life threatening issues, call 911 and leave your door unlocked while ems are on there way. This is just in case something happens and they will be able to get to you in a timely manner.

Remember, relax and breath. Call your doctor for the right treatment you both see fit. Only a doctor who knows you and your case fully will be able to help your problem get better.

Best of luck,

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In agreement with all the above, I had similar and ended up being salivary stones!
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My tongue is hurting so bad I cry and want to scream. I cant even talk. I'm in tears. What can I do to make it stop?
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