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Too much Paxil

I was put on Paxil 30 mg 2.5 months ago.  Everything was fine for 2 months and I feel much better now.  However, 2 weeks ago I started having heart palpitations and extreme hyperness.  I skipped one day's dose of Paxil and it all went away.  I asked my doctor and he said he had never heard of anyone developing symptoms after being on the medication for 2 months.  

I asked to start coming down off of Paxil and, after 5 days, still get these symptoms but only within an hour after taking the medication.  I am down to 15 mg from 30 mg in just 5 days.  Is it safe to go this fast if it is the medicine causing the problems?

Thank you!
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Hi, I was on Paxil for about a year and hated the side effects from it. I gained 40 lbs and would sleep 18 hours a day. It did take away my depression but it wasn't worth the side effects i had. I decided to whean off it and did it too fast. I ended up in the hospital from withdrawl syndrome but all the doctor could do was tell me to whean slower. I was miserable and decided i couldn't do it. I switched to other meds until I found one that worked for me... Celexa. I would be very careful with coming off Paxil. Do your research because im not the only person this has happened to.
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Paxiled ( a member on here) will have plenty to share I'm sure about Paxil.  
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Well, since fltricia invited me . . .  Yeah, Paxil can be a very difficult med, but my problems happened because my psychiatrist blew taking me off it.  While on the med, it did help with my panic attacks, but there were a lot of side effects.  It's a weird drug.  But we all experience these things differently, so my situation won't be yours.  But be very careful stopping Paxil if you're going to come off it altogether.  Do it at whatever pace suits you.  If you skipped a dose and felt better, that's a sign you probably won't have a bad withdrawal, since skipping a dose of any short half life ssri can throw a person into withdrawal.  But play it safe.  Also, you might want to look into a new psychiatrist.  He's dissembling.  Of course people get new symptoms of these meds all the time.  Sometimes they stop working.  Sometimes you start gaining weight.  I decided to go off after several years on it because after several years I developed insomnia from it.  And when you go on a new med, you shouldn't start at a high dosage, you should work your way up slowly to see how you react  to it.  If 20mg would have worked, why start at 30?  
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Thank you for your help!
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No Paxiled sorry to say but your wrong about that.... i was on Paxil for 12 years in total and yes i use to skip a day or even two sometimes and would feel great, BUT.... after this day or two if i didn't take it then i would get the most horrendous head shocks...or brain zaps.  They would throw me off balance and i would black out for a second, very unnerving to say the least.

My advice would be come off slow, don't go too fast.  Erm the fact you have only been on it a short time may make a big difference, you 2 n half months me 12 years and our chemistry is different so you may not have any problems but please just be careful, Paxil has a bad reputation for being hard to come off and can give people withdrawal for several months after..... it did me!!!
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Exactly my point.  Since the poster skipped the dose and felt great, I'm hoping she won't get a bad withdrawal, but I also said to take it slow and taper, and at the pace that's most comfortable, not some general timetable set by a psychiatrist.  You, on the other hand, got the withdrawal symptoms skipping the dose.  Now, personally, I never skipped a dose in all the years I was on it, but my withdrawal is beyond medical knowledge -- three years and counting.  So I would never counsel going off this med quickly or recklessly.
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