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Total anxietyand fear.

ok maybe a nothing to some people, but everyting to me. I have the worst fear of Doctors and Dentist. I realllyyy want to get over this but cant. Anywho, for the first time ever I went to the Doc today about myself and my mental health. So after she said to start taking this pill Pristiq for how I was feeling and also for anxiety. I told her of my fears and she said it might even help me go to the dentist with no anxity at all. I have a real fear, have been going to the dentist from ages 4 - 19 every 4-6 months with all my check ups adn always felt the same.

Q: Has any one had this or any type of fear that Pristiq helped you face and deal with when needed??!!
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I have a horrible fear of doctors. I burst into tears at the ENT a few weeks ago. Even if I'm just going for something routine, I freak out.
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Same, I freak out.
So meds did not work for you??? or have you tried anything at any point to get you through it?
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I am the same, I panic at the thought. :( So I haven't been in years and now I NEED to go and am having a terrible time getting to one!
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Me too! I will break down and start crying at the docs, because I'm so afraid of any procedure or what the outcome might be. I haven't been to the docs in over 2 years. Last time I went, I had that HPV and had to get those pre-cancerous cells removed. I freaked out and started crying when the doc told my that I would be awake during the procedure. I begged them to reschedule and put me under. So they did. But I haven't been back since my last follow-up after the surgery. I hate getting physicals done!!! I hate the feeling and am scared of my doc finding something else!
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