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Transport Anxiety

I'm a 14, almost 15 year old female who gets extremely overwhelming anxiety while being in a car, train, bus or anything that can transport me somewhere.

When I was younger, maybe 6-7 years old, I used to get extremely nervous in a car and my mother would always tell me that nothing will happen, calm down etc.. The feeling disappeared for awhile. It came back about a year or two ago. In a car for example, sitting in the passenger seat is hell. I have to know the road, the speed limit and where I am heading. I constantly look at the speedo. Once I check it, I feel relief but soon after, I have to check it again. It's always the same. Being in a train is horrifying, I have constant thoughts of the train derailing yet I know that it's extremely unlikely. Planes though, aren't so bad. I'm just really nervous for take-off, but isn't everyone like that?

Part of my believes that I'm afraid of not being in control. A trust issue?

Any ideas on why or what is happening to me?
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