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Treating Anxiety - out of ideas

Hi, I've had Anxiety for the last 5 months or so and it's preventing me from getting on in life, I really need to kick it and I thought this site could help.

It came out of the blue when I was at a friends house. We were sitting watching a film and all of a sudden I started to feel pretty weak and panicky, with a hint of paranoia and a general feeling of dread. That was 5months ago and still this is pretty much how I feel in any social situation.

I have been wracking my brain for clues about why this is happening but I have no idea. It is completely the opposite of what I was like before, I was always known as a relaxed, layed back kind of guy. I was pretty quiet and shy around new people, but nothing major. I guess I overthink things a bit too much. When I am having an anxiety panic, in my head I know that it shouldn't happen, I have a firm grip on reality but that just doesn't stop it.

I have some bowel and bladder problems which is probably linked to my anxiety, but I can't tell which is causing the other. I hope by dealing with the anxiety, they will go away as a result.

I have seen my doctor quite a few times in the last 5 months and I hate to say it, he hasn't really been much help. He prescribed me beta blockers which seemed to do absolutely nothing, I am now on a waiting list to see a therapist, but I could be waiting months. My doctor is against giving me strong medication, as he doesn't feel it is sustainable. I have also been referred to a anxiety treatment website, but I find the whole thing impersonal and misses the mark.

This Anxiety has pretty much kept me housebound and I'm off work, I really need to get rid of this before I become a proper recluse. Thank you so much whoever taking the time to read this, it feels like a last resort.
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Hi SM90

It sounds to be that you are starting to get Agoraphobic as a result of your Anxiety. You must get help as soon as possible as being housebound is no way to live. I am in the US so I am unsure of how your medical system works but are you limited to only one Dr or therapist?  I would suggest seeing another Dr as there are many antidepressants out there that are very safe and can really improve the quality of your life. Its great you are seeking therapy as you do need this but how long is this waiting list? Can you get on another therapists list as well?  
if you are new to the site you will see there is a great deal of support and knowledge on here so visit often and keep us posted on your well being.

Best Wishes
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Thanks so much for the speedy reply!

I have seen 3 doctors over the last 5months and they have all said the same thing, they just agree with each other. My doctor says I could be waiting 3 more months before I can see a therapist. I could go private as that could speed things up. I talked to my Doctor today about medication but he is set against it, I will try and persue that path though.

I'm pretty naive thinking there could be a 'quick fix', I just really wanted to be over it for Christmas.

Thanks again for the help, I needed to hear someone else's opinion as I'm pretty much in the dark about ways of treating Anxiety. I will be sure to keep an eye on this site.
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i dont know what to do my muscle tension is sooooo bad i m so tight my neck and shoulders and now my stomach  icant breathe good like i feel so tight i cant get a good breath and if i exercise or do anything i get tighter and my heart races  cause im so tight i went to dr they gave me citalpram but im scared to take it im afraid of meds and i cant be out of control its effecting my life majorly!!! what can i do? i go to chiro massage physical therapy my job i drive all day in car and my job is high stress i just dont kno what to do!!
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