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Treatments for Derealization / Depersonalization?

Hi everyone,

I am a fairly healthy young teenager: healthy weight, normal diet, not taking any prescribed medications for anything, no other health complications.

However, for about 4-5 years I've been dealing with Derealization/Depersonalization. I wouldn't say I'm "suffering" with it, despite it being extremely high at some points during the day, I am quite fine and know how to remain calm and collected. I knew that I had inching Derealization when at random points during the day I would feel like I am in a dream, that I was home sleeping, and dreaming everything around me, then the feeling would go away. It was like that for 2-3 years, now I have full blown DR/DP. I notice that my DR/DP only heightens when I am in school and my environment is over-stimulated. When I am home relaxing or with my caretaker my DR/DP is bearable and low and nothing i'm not used to. My life just feels like a subtle dream, however quite a long time ago it was so severe it had hints of Truman's Syndrome, I no longer feel this way.
I believe I have DR/DP because of traumatic events that occurred in my childhood such as abuse and being diagnosed with chronic depression.
Aside from that, I was wondering if there are any treatments out there I could seek or if anyone else wants to share their story.., ( side note: I rather not touch any medications because I want to be cured, not dependent on chemicals.)
Despite my desire to be 'cured' or 'treated' of this, it's not my biggest priority, it's not really bothering me that much even though its severe. I can still live life somewhat normally, and it's not something that's driving me insane or weighing me down.

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Hi there.  One of the great community leaders for this forum has written a helpful journal on this subject.  I will contact her and see if she can help you.  peace
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Thank you so much!
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