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Try anxiety medication?

My therapist recently suggested the idea of going on some medication for my anxiety.  Thats something I have thought of for a while but am nervous to go forward with.  I am nervous about the side effects that come along with the medications.  I am looking to hear some other people's experiences with medication and what the pros and cons are.

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Well, the therapist is the health professional, so I would not say to take my advice before theirs. You do have options though, which you can go over with the therapist.

There are herbs you can use, and there are tips/techniques you can use. If interested you can either message me and we can go from there, or if you are want, I started a thread in the "anxiety" community where I have posted the basic but effective tips/techniques I have learned and others are adding their own great tips/techniques. Or you can do both.

Pros of medications:
-You CAN get almost immediate relief from some medications when going through an anxiety episode or panic attack.

Cons of medications:
-Dependence on the medications, where if they work, and you can't find them during one of your episodes, you won't have the help, and also, if and when you want to stop you will most likely have to taper down or switch medications.
-There can be side effects
-They can be costly depending on your insurance, if you have insurance.

Pros of herbs:
-Providing you are not allergic to certain herbs, which is rare, there are almost never any side effects.
-They are very cheap.
-They do not give you withdrawals if and when you choose to stop.
-There is a huge selection
-You can make them into teas, get creative while getting effects to help calm and relax

Cons of herbs:
-They are not as powerful as medications as a huge rule
-They do not give you a HUGE physical or mental feeling like medications can (I say this because some people feel as if they don't get immediate relief or feel a "high" then they are not working).

Pros of tips and techniques:
-They cause no dependence that can give withdrawals
-Even when at work, providing you are on break, you can do them any time.
-They really do work and if practiced enough, you can conquer your anxiety, panic disorders and other similar mental issues.
-They cost NOTHING although some people prefer to get mats and other such physical equipment.

Cons of tips and techniques:
-They are something to be mastered and practiced in order to work
-They do not give any kind of "high" or good feeling, although, if when in panic or anxiety attack, they CAN give immediate relief

That is my view on it. If any people reading this has corrections or additions, please correct or add them. I am partial and bias to herbs and tips/techniques, only because it's one to five less medications for someone to become dependent on. I do realize after hurting my back that I am taking and currently tapering down off of Norcos, but I am also already making and buying herbal remedies for that pain for when at the end of the month, I stop the Norcos. Also, I understand fully that there are some people that NEED medications for their issues and illnesses. I am not judging anyone who takes medications. I am just being honest.
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Thank you for your detailed response!  I know that my therapist is the professional but I don't want to just want some background before I go ahead with the decision.  I might try the herbs, that sounds like a good option, but first I want to try medications, because like you said, medications provide instant relief.  If medication works, I am sticking with that.  I am going through a huge transition in my life right now and need something to take the edge off and help me feel more confident.  

I am at least going to have some consultations with psychiatrists and see if its something I am into, I guess I have nothing to loose.
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I hope the best for you. It shows how intelligent you are that you want to get all the information first. I feel that regardless of how you go with it, you should be ok.
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trdofbeingtrd summed it up very well!
It really is something that you will have to weigh your own pro's and con's. Its not a decision to make just because a doctor suggested it. You need to make sure you are comfortable with it. If your quality of life is being affected and you have tried other avenues then meds might be the option.
I truly wish I had had the knowledge to not be put on a bunch of different meds but I was very young and just wanted to feel better right away.
Good luck with whatever you choose, keep us updated
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I just don't want to be thrown on the meds without knowing what I am getting into.  Its really my decision now though and my parents are out of the picture with it so its something I am really thinking deeply about.  I am thinking it might help lessen anxious thoughts and help me move forward.  

I am going to be going back to school next week so I am going to find a psychiatrist near there to go see.

I will definitely keep you all posted and thanks so much for your replies.  I really appreciate your opinions.
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The bottom line is the decision to try medication or not is always a personal and unique one to each person...and you must weigh all the pros and cons.

I would like to say, that while very helpful...the comparison of Rx meds vs herbal supplements above can be a tad misleading.  It presents the info as though the herbal approach is much safer and with much less "cons".  That may be true for some, but it also reinforces a common misconception that herbal remedies are "safe" while Rx'ed meds are not.  Herbal meds also carry risks, and I'm glad to see that whatever route you choose, you are going to educate yourself first.

We must all, despite our own personal opinions....try very hard NOT to discourage or discount any ONE way of attacking anxiety, because, unfortunately, it only leads anxious people to become more anxious.  If I didn't know what I know and had the positive history with Rx'ed meds for anxiety, reading the pros/cons list above would have scared me and even possibly made me doubt my choices.  

There is never a right or wrong approach to treating anxiety....it is different for everyone.  Lets keep that in mind and be respectful of other people's choices and be careful not to be negative about another method.  We all need to share our experiences in the most unbiased way possible(as hard as it can be sometimes)...and there is always going to be people on both sides of the fence...that's a GOOD thing.  Just remember, we are not here to sell our opinions, or discounts someone else's...we're here to help, guide and support people.

Ok...I've rambled enough.  LOL.  OP....the important thing is finding something that works for you, regardless of what it is.  Educate yourself, be patient with the process, as relief is not usually immediate, and please consider adding therapy to whatever med or herbal regimen you would choose.  You will learn tools on how to cope, you will grow to understand more of what causes anxiety, and how to start undoing that anxiety mindset, which is often key in really knocking the anxiety down!

Good luck!  
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