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Hi everyone. I am a 28 year old female. I have been suffering from anxiety since I can remember. Currently my anxiety is career driven. I moved to a new city to be with my fiancé in June. I started working as a
Medical biller, which I went to college for. This job is unlike any other I've ever had. It's corporate run, and I'm not used to that. I came from a family run medical practice where my coworkers were like my family, at my new job it's very numbers driven. They expect so much money to be made each month along with bringing in money from old claims. If this is done and goals are met, we receive a bonus. I've gotten my bonus each time since I've been eligible. I'm just so focused on those numbers all month that it makes me sick. I'm always stressed and on the point of tears. It's gotten horrible. I've expressed my concerns to my boss and liaisons and they all say I'm doing great and shouldn't feel this way, but I still do. I would love your advice, as I'm starting to feel so nauseated about work tomorrow.
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This is a conundrum faced by most of us in today's world at some point -- to go small and make less money but have more passion in your work or go big corporate and make more money but run into the larger bureaucracy and the extreme greed of corporate management.  You get to choose where you want to work apparently, as you're in demand, so you have to decide between money and promotions at a large company or the more comfy feeling of a small business that may go belly-up because of the competition and can't pay as much.  I went small myself, but all those businesses were eventually driven out of business by the big guy.  But I would never have liked working for the big guy.  But you do get to make the choice.
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I've already made the choice to work here, my question is what can I do to combat the anxiety?
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I'm thinking the anxiety is there because, at least as you posted, you haven't made the decision.  Yes, you're working there, but if you're not happy there you're still thinking about it.  If the anxiety isn't a chronic problem but is attached to this new job, you need to investigate the new job and how it's affecting you.  Maybe there's more to this than what you stated?  At any rate, therapy is the first choice to combat anxiety, particularly with someone specializing in anxiety who can help you learn some relaxation techniques such as meditation, breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, lifestyle changes such as exercise and all the usual suspects.  But if you're genuinely not "there" yet but still questioning, you still need to decide.  If in fact the decision has been made, then time should heal the anxiety once you're settled in to your new surroundings and you learn the new rules of the game.
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This is definitely a chronic anxiety issue. I've suffered from anxiety my whole life. This just happens to be its new favorite way to manifest. I've been seeing a therapist but haven't put my all into trying the techniques she had recommended. I've made the decision that I am not going to leave this job due to my anxiety, that would be giving up. i guess I should really take into consideration everything the therapist has taught me and continue to take my medicine faithfully.
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You're  overdoing it. All the pressure is getting to you and is stressing you out, that's why anxiety occurs. You shouldn't be too hard on yourself. Try to calm down and take it one step at a time. As I see it you have 2 options first is you can prioritize between your work and health. If your co-workers believe you're doing great but you feel that it's beating you up health-wise then choose what's more important. The second is if letting your job go is not an option then learn to be organize. I know it's difficult but if you can make it work then do so. You can actually perform some anxiety coping methods while at work. If you learn some self-help approaches in dealing with your anxiety then you can have a better working life.
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I would like to say that sacrificing your health for a job is not good. The advice from the members above me is good advice. I have a brother-in-law who was very stressed at work. His blood pressure started to go higher, and higher. He and my sister-in-law discussed it, and decided that him taking a lower paying job (in the same field) was their best choice. His health is not worth sacrificing for money. Really no one's is. If you do already have meds, therapy, and relaxation techniques, and that's not working. I would at least look at other job prospects. The baby boomers are starting to get to the age where more health problems are likely, so your job should be in higher, and higher demand. A look around at your options can't hurt. Also...I would get my blood pressure and heart rate checked. Stress is the #1 killer, and contributes to all illness/diseases. Good Luck! Take care of yourself :)
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Sorry it's me again. One of my illnesses affects me composing my thoughts well. I also suffer from anxiety (Panic Disorder, GAD, & PTSD). It's a terrible thing. I feel for you. I have at times "bitten off more than I can chew"...and ended up having extremely worse GAD, and 3-4 panic attacks a day. I was actually getting physically ill much more often than usual(this was before my many chronic physical illnesses I now have). I had to cut back on my college class load. I was completely overwhelmed. I also wanted to say that my brother-in-law is healthier, happier, and much more content in life with the job change. He's making less money, but since he's happier...so is his family. He was often in a bad mood while at his old job. I'm not sure if I was clear above, but if you do everything you can to minimize your anxiety...and still suffer stress, anxiety, and dread about work...then you really should look at the job options available to you. Best Wishes!
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