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Uncertain about continuing medication

I've been suffering from social anxiety for the last two months now. Every time I try to go out in public I get very dizzy and I get hot flashes. I've also been experiencing other symptoms at home such as palpitations, hot/cold flashes, fear of dying out of nowhere, constant worry of being okay, and many others. My doctor gave me a prescription for Citalopram 10mg a few weeks ago. I took the medicine for 3 days and I was experiencing loss of appetite, constipation, and dizziness. I told my doctor and was instructed to stop the medication immediately. I haven't gotten any better since then and am wondering if I should temporarily continue the medicine for a week or two until I can get another appointment to acquire a new medicine. Because I can not even leave the house without have a panic attack and I am desperately in need to go back to work.
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It doesn't seem like you gave it enough time to work. Usually most meds like that take 2-3 weeks to start to work
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Just to let you know, this isn't social anxiety, it's agoraphobia.  Are you in therapy?  Keep in mind that 3 days isn't enough for any effects to occur, though it is enough for side effects to occur.  They might have gone away, and might have stayed for the duration, no way to tell, but any med you try is probably going to have at lease some unpleasant side effects if you metabolize it enough for it to work, and that the side effects will manifest long before the effects you want start to work.
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