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Urge to pee in social situations is making life hard. Any help?

Hello, this is embarassing to talk about but this problem has been affecting me for months now and it is seriously affecting my ability to work. I am currently in high school and a few months ago(around april) I started to have an unnatural urge to pee in class. It wasn't just slightly uncomfortable either, it was so bad that I had to physically move around to stop(or I think stop) myself peeing which is quite embarassing in class and also in assemblies when I had them. At first I just thought it would go away soon and just tried to ignore it for a week... and then another week... then another week and now it's november. It may be worth noting that it isn't the first time something like this has happened but the other two times I felt like this it only lasted for a day and then two days.

I'm not someone who likes asking people for help(especially something as embarassing as this) because I like to solve my own problems so I tried to find others with my problem online and succeeded but the only solutions I could find said either try to ignore it or go to the doctors. Well, I finally told my parents about it and we went to the doctors however after I told them it seemed to go away, the doctor said there was nothing wrong with my urine after a urine test and said I probably just needed to do something called bladder retraining. Then, a week later it came back and I just tried to ignore it again.

I think it may be psychological as when I am at home I'm completely fine. In fact, the only other times it has affected me out of school has been at a wedding and when I went to the cinema. But it has still continued to affect me, mainly at school and I'm really starting to get tired of it. It's so hard to concentrate especially since I am in Yr 11 and have my exams coming up. I've even tried hypnotism which again worked... for a while then it came back. Please, I just want this to stop. I've got mock exams coming up in a few weeks and I'm getting really worried about it. If anyone has any treatments please tell me.

Thank you.
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Well it might be good news that the doctors could not find  anything wrong, but it might be bad news, in the event this annoying and embarrassing situation does not get resolved.
There's a good indication that hypnosis worked, at least for a while.
I would suggest you consider booking a bundle of sessions with a reputable hypnotist,  so s/he can dig deeper to clear psychological/mental structures, which are factors in your condition.
At the same time you could ask to learn self-hypnosis,
as part of your arrangement. (also recommended earlier by AnxiousNoMore)
A single session is usually not enough, for "sticky" issues.
Please note that I'm a board certified Hypnotist, so it might come across as professional bias, however,
hypnosis can  indeed be a tremendously effective therapeutic tool.
I have used hypnosis and EFT (emotional freedom techniques-I'm also an advanced EFT practitioner)
for similar cases and also for the fear of urinating in public places (the client simply could not "go" at all in any public WC)
Should you have any questions, feel free to post again or pm me.
Best wishes,
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If the hypnotism worked once, then they must have given you instructions on how to self-hypnotize so you could use that in future to deal with your fear. Do they give you have self-hypnosis info?
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It was an audio-only hypnotism disk for general stress. My step-mum suggested it to me.
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