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Very Worried

Hey, I've been searching on the Internet about my anxiety, and I think I have a generalized anxiety disorder. I'm going to psychiatrists, doctors, whatever it takes for me to feel better. I'm really really really scared if I'll feel better, because I constantly worry. I'm only 13 and very very scared! Please help!!!
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Hello hon!

You are so young, but rest assured that anxiety is very common among people in your age group, due to massive hormonal changes and a fast developing social life...and all the pressures that go with that!

The MOST important thing is, you have sought help.  That's great!  Just make sure that the psychiatrist you are seeing specializes in child/adolescent psych.  It differs a lot from adult psych.  Are you parents being helpful and supportive?

I know it's hard, but hang in there, you are on the right track!  Keep us updated!
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Take this step by step. You've already taken the first - seeing the doc. Meantime DON'T FRET. Don't get anxious about feeling anxious. You will climb out of it sooner or later.
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