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Vibrating feeling in leg?

Ok so for the past few days I've had this weird vibrating feeling in my leg on and off. There's no pain or numbness in the leg. And it's a light vibrating feeling to. So I don't know if I'm overreacting because of my anxiety or what. But any help would be appriciated. Thanks!
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I have had that...it drove me nuts...for peace of mind get checked by a doc and let him know all your symptoms..
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I had the same thing, turned out i was calcium deficient. Take some tums with your next meal and try that for a few days. Worked for me.
Maybe, but the form of calcium in Tums isn't absorbed by the body much.  Taking it too much will more likely lead to calcium deposits than absorption.  This is also more likely, if it is a nutrient problem, to be potassium or magnesium, which too much calcium leaches out of the body, making taking it a possibility of magnifying the problem.  If you're truly calcium deficient, eat more green leafy vegetables.  Why would you take an antacid as a supplement?  Glad it did what you wanted, but I hope down the road you don't suffer for it in other ways.  
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