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Hey just wanted any news and comments or experiences on this ssri. I got it purscribed to me for my anxiety with clonazapam and only been on it a few days really seems to be helping in comination. Comments ande experiences would be appreciated thanks you.
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Hi.  Viibryd is also knows as Valazadone which is an antidepressant.  Clonazepam is an anxiety medication.  It will take you around 4 weeks to feel a difference with the Viibryd because it needs to build up to a therapeutic level in our systems.  The Clonazepam is what is making you feel better right now.  We all respond differently to the medications so it's often trial and error as to which one will work for us individually....but well worth it once we find the right one.  This may be the one that works for you so be patient with it while it builds up.  Hope this helps and best wishes.
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I had never heard of this medication before, so I looked it up on the NAMI (National Association of Mental Illness) website.
After reading this, if you still have questions, you should speak with your doctor or pharmacist for further information.
The information presented on the NAMI site is NOT sponsored by the drug company.

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Below is a web site where you can read about the Viibryd.

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Im already almost completely off the clonazapam im only taking .5 once a day usually mid day. Yeah im really hoping this is the med for me it dont give any side effects so im really happy. Thanks for the knowledge :)
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Just make sure you are coming off the Klonopin under your doc's care.  Due to its long half life, you'll need to be tapered off slowly to decrease the chance of having bothersome side effects.  Let us know how its going!
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