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Visual snow or static

I had an ocular migraine last week and it spun me Into a minor panic attack. I've had these before since i was younger but it's been a little while since my last one. This one freaked me out more and made me hypersensitive to my vision and floaters and this static or snow that some people refer to as.

I've had a severe sinus infection also that started last week as well. Now I still see this static or visual disturbances. I see my eye specialist twice a year and my next visit is in April or May. I've done a lot of reading online which had only made it worse and it seems like this happens to people and then no one ever posts of they got it taken care of or went away.

I've had a LOT of anxiety and stress lately and wasn't sure if it's just a build up of everything going on or if this is a real issue. I can see great still my vision hasn't been hindered just see this annoying static or small spots. No pain no loss of vision no cloudy no dark covering or loss of sight in my side vision either.

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I used to get migraines with blurry vision, but a doctor told me to try meditation.  That pretty much got rid of them for me.
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Yes, meditation is a nice way to calm your body and mind. It is also helps improving your immune system. Your anxiety and stress can also reduced a lot by daily meditation and proper care.
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