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Vitamin D for Seasonal Anxiety/Depression

I suffer from seasonal anxiety during the winter, and I've tried various things from light boxes to Lexapro over the years. A couple weeks ago, my doctor suprised me by perscribing vitamin D therapy.  I'm very skeptical about herbs and vitamin therapy, because one hears so much superstitious nonsense about these things.  But I have to admit, vitamin D calms me down dramatically.  Anyone else have experiences with this?

I hasten to add VITAMIN D IS POISONOUS in massive doses.  Don't run out and start gulping it down, ask your doctor and get the blood tests during therapy so you don't hurt yourself.

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I have never tried the Vitamin D supplementation.  

In my case, it works well for me when I go outside even in the winter time at least 2 - 3 times a week.  Even if I have to stand behind something to block the wind to get at least a little sun exposure on my face and hands for at least 15 minuts without using sun screen or makeup.  If I can't go outside.  I sit next to my window when the sun comes and get it that way.  Even if its for a coulple of minutes between clouds. lol.  

I am so glad Vitamin D is working well for you.  I have also heard good reports on it.

Hope you to have a sun shining day!  :  )    
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It makes sense to me since Vitamin D is what we get from sunshine. I would give the D a try, and you are most wise to advise folks to not go out and start "gulping" it down. In large doses, it can be toxic. Milk is also another good sorce of Vitamin D, and there are many foods that contain it.

I also agree with Bon-Bon that it's a good idea to get outside every chance you can and soak up some natural Vitamin D. Most of us have a tendency to stay indoors during the winter and even if the sun is not shining, it's still there and still giving off the "natural" light that we need to feel our best.

Good luck to you...........I hope the Vitamin D helps you with the SAD. Let us know, OK? There are many folks here who could benefit by your experience! Myself included.
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