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Vitamin d3 supplements?

I was wondering if anyone is taking vitamin D3 to help with their anxiety or depression? I have heard lots of good things about it. I know I personally do not get out into the sun enough. I did start on 1000iu per day, but my chiro says to do 5000iu. He thinks it will work wonders on my anxiety. He's never steered me wrong before.
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Never heard of D for anxiety,  but I definitely have used B, and it helped a lot.
Elevated my moods too!
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Never heard of D affecting anxiety, and 5000 is a whole lot.  Don't know if there's a level of D that's harmful.  You only need to take it every other day because it's fat soluble, so it stores in the system.  You only need a half hour or an hour in the sun during prime daylight hours to get enough, but most of us don't do that anymore now that they've convinced everyone the sun is dangerous and we all work indoors all day.  I'd research the proper dosage, but I've been taking it for years and haven't noticed any effect on anxiety.  I does a whole lot of other things, though.
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