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Waking up with intense nervousness

For the last week or so I've been waking up feeling extremely nervous for no reason. My stomach is in knots and has such bad butterflies, its also painful. I also have been feeling extremely hungry when I wake up even though I havent changed my diet at all. The nervousness lasts a few hours and its really uncomfortable because I feel so nervous for no reason. Just some background, I have acute recurrent pancreatitis, I am anaemic and take iron tablets, I have hypothyroidism and take thyroxin, I have had depression and panic disorder and currently taking loxalate however I havent experienced any panic attacks for years now and I'm also on the pill. Please help as to why this is happening.
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Though I do not have the other conditions you mention I recently this year started waking up with severe stomach aches and nervousness. It was around for about 3 months but went away after having medication adjusted and going to therapy. I feel like I am heading down that path again too after recently dealing with the stomach flu. The best thing I found was to go to therapy and try to see what may be causing any additional stress or anxiety. Also, I had my medication tweaked as well and that seemed to help.
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Sorry, my original post was deleted (long story).

This sounds a lot like a blood sugar issue, especially the part of feeling very hungry upon waking. I know because it sometimes happens to me if I go too long without eating. No fun. It's my understanding that morning is when blood sugar levels are generally at their lowest level because we haven't eaten for quite some time. You mention having pancreatis. The pancreas produces insulin, so there may be a tie-in there. You should see your doctor. Best wishes!
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Hi, I would have to say, I agree with what LRon says, was thinking the same thing!...
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Thanks, Fiorhell! ljf2014, do see your doctor, but in the meantime try having some fruit juice along with some kind of protein like maybe eggs as soon as possible when you start to feel the symptoms you describe. The nervousness, etc should abate fairly quickly. That will also be an important indicator that low blood sugar is indeed the culprit.
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I too had similar experiences to you.  When I read your link I thought OK someone else is going through what I did.  First of all for me, I was under supreme stress that I couldn't get rid of.   I had reason to be stressed, then but when that was gone, the stress had a mind of it's own and would continue to come at me with tremendous force.  I had to deal with the issues and condition myself to not get triggered and fall into it.  I got help from a therapist and also I believe in a Source greater than myself so I had to hand it over.  I had to work at it, to get it manageable.  My appetite was increased, always hungry.  I got myself onto a cleanse and that helped me monitor this hunger.  I am also diabetic, (a result from this disease) so I make sure I am eating regularily.  I don't mix carbs with proteins.  I found I was in lots of 'fear'.  That fear just grew an grew until it became unmanageable.  So face the fears and don't let them control you.  Depression and anxiety are a symptom of this disease.  It is up to you to address and resolve that end of it.  Hope this helps.
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