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Warfarin Metoprolol and Anxiety Drugs

What anxiety drugs can I take that do not interact with Warfarin or Metoprolol? I have taken Lorazepam, and while it works quite well, its calming effects are too short lived.  
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You need to discuss this question with the doctor(s) who prescribed the Warfarin and Metoprolol.
You can find out from your pharmacist which benzodiazepine would not be contraindicated with either of these meds, but it is still up to you and your doctor which one may be the best for you.
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Hi Greenlydia, thank you for your prompt reply; I greatly appreciate your information. I have just made an appointment for the 24th of this month with a specialist who should be able to come up with an anxiety drug that will not interact with Metoprolol or Warfarin.

                     Best Wishes, oslooskar
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I would agree with greenlydia.  Discuss this with your prescribing doctor and pharmacist.  I was on wafarin for six months while on anti anxiety medication.  A good discussion with my doctor alleviated many of the concerns. My biggest issue was just keeping my INR in the correct range with the wafarin, but that comes with taking this type of medicaton.  I had no major issues the entire time, but kept an open line of discussion between my doctor and myself.  
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