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Warm sensation.

For awhile now I've had these warm sensation on random parts of my body, Like the tops of my feet and shoulders sometimes on my arms. Im a major hypochondriac, Is this something neurological? Or is it just my mind...Im thinking its MS or ALS..
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You know what we just discussed......fear of brain tumor:).  You know you are ok on that score.   As to these symptoms, I can't give you an explanation as to what is causing the warmth, but if you are not calm and breathing regularly (no hyperventilating or hold your breath) it is just blood moving to those parts of body.  Many people with anxiety complain of cold hands and feet, this is due to blood not getting to extremities as we are shallow breathers.    I think you may want to practice sitting still for a bit and calming your mind.  When I do that my hands and sometimes my feet start to tingle.  Your body is saying  thank you for breathing!
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Thanks :) I think I do just NEED to BREATH.
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