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Weaning off klonopin while taking Paxil - feeling AWFUL!

Hello. I've been taking Paxil 40mg/day for 12 years. I've always had the klonopin to take on an as-needed basis, but really hadn't taken any up until a few months ago. I was going through some stress, and I got into the habit of taking 1 mg of klonopin every night before bed. Recently, I read a few things about benzo addiction...so I started tapering my klonopin. I didn't want to be dependent on another med. I went pretty quickly, cutting back over about 2 weeks time. I am now only taking .25 mg at night.

I feel terrible. I'm having the old anxiety, obsessing thoughts, dread, fear, etc. coming back. I feel like the Paxil is still working...but just barely. I'm wondering if the return of anxious symptoms is klonopin withdrawal? If it is, do I just wait it out? Will I get to feeling better again soon?

I've been on an emotional roller coaster for a few days now, and I just want to go back to feeling OK again...without the klonopin. I've gone the past 12 years without the stuff. I know I can do it now. Any help or insight would be very much appreciated!
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I'm sure the Paxil is no longer working for you.  Our bodies build up a tolerance for these types of medications and we rarely get more than a few years out of one particular medication.  You never want to mess around with the dosage of your medication without the guidance of your doctor.  You should contact your doctor and get his advice.  Normally they will tell you to go back to the dosage you were taking and put you on a tapering schedule.  You may have tried to do this too quickly.  You need to talk to your doctor anyway because of the length of time you've been on the Paxil.  I hope you're medications are prescribed by a psychiatrist because they are most knowlegable when it comes to these types of medications. Call your doctor and follow his advice, it's always best to work closely with him. Hope this helps and take care!
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