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Weird anxiety symptoms? pls help!

I'm 19 and I've been having weird symptoms that just won't leave me alone. First of all. I've had a pretty bad anxiety attack that I went to the ER for mainly because I was hyperventilating. They did a chemistry(I think that's the word) test, checked my blood pressure and sugar levels, oxygen levels and everything came back just fine. The doctor diagnosed me with anxiety/panic attack and parasthesia.  He prescribed Xanax for me but i never took them. The same symptoms I had then, I have now again and that was about 3 months ago. My eyes are tired and sore and my face twitches. The more I'm on my computer the worse it gets. As im typing this, i feel it coming on again. It also gets worse at night especially when i try to sleep. I am on my computer most of the day every day so that might have something to do with it.

I feel very drained/lethargic everyday. I feel like I might faint but I haven't yet. I have pressure in my head, my ears keep ringing and have been doing so for a long time now. I sometimes get warm flashes more so when I try sleeping. I have horrible upper back and neck pain which also is worse at night and its more painful on my left side near my heart which makes me worry even more. I've had heart palpitations in my sleep and when I try to relax for sleep, it feels like I get this rush of anxiousness which jolts me awake. The more recent symptom I've been getting is called vasoconstriction I think. I usually have big veins on my arms but they look completely shrinked now and again it gets worse at night when I try to sleep. I've gotten head rushes too. Like all the blood rushes to my head and stays there. Its been going on like this for several days now and it feels like I just can't concentrate on anything except what's going on with my body. I really hope this is anxiety so it won't be anything life-threatening but its just too weird, sudden and persistent for me to think so. I recently went to my regular doctor for a checkup and everything was fine again, including breathing and blood pressure. He also said it was probably anxiety but said that I should check my eyes and thyroid. I can't take this feeling anymore. Please help!
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one why go to get help if you wont use it

since you didnt use it we now are not 100 percent sure where to go or advise

so go to the doc you have this time listen and take the pills you wont get better unless you try and put effort in

if you refuse to take or stop at first side affect they cant find the proper balance

not many of any disorder got the first med and it worked its a horrible testing untill they find what works

tell doc everything hide nothing he may say dizzy go see ear nose throat or your head see neurologist

so please try and please do it just ask or pm if you need support or help going through this

this is a much of a bugger as i get the rest of the time im nice

stay in touch best wishes
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That is everything I get from my anxiety if I could get Xanax I'd b all over it. That Med really does help wit anxiety n I hate taken new pills but I'm telling from a hypercondrate ( can't spell) it does work n relaxs you have someone come over n then take it if your worried bout side effects. but it will make u sleep n feel better I know when I get new meds I get really nervous but I don't take it til my hubby is off on weekend so if I get scared or something he'll b there
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well i apologize if your hypochondriac  

her try this i use this site it reliable info on drugs


just dont freak out over the side effects it to educate and help people know about there meds

i would say see a shrink and counseling for better help with those issues

it could change your life and make it allot better and smoother

and its always good to have a person around starting new drugs my wife saved my life once i had no vitals about to crash she cought in time

so thats not any problem or paranioid its being smart

good luck let me know if anything else you want or need to talk about

i hope you find answers
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opps ignore that post i thought you were op

i hope your doing well sorry for stepping on you
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Thanks for the answers. The reason why I didn't take the Xanax is because I hear it can be very addicting. I don't wanna be too dependent on it and everytime I feel an attack coming on I have to use the pill. I wanna try and get rid of it without all the pills.
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Health anxiety is the worst type of anxiety because it imprisons you in your own body. We are living and we are unable to escape pain and illness and bodily sensations--even if the sensation seem strange and scary.

I have suffered from this disease for 8 years. And yes, it is a disease.

Read specific anxiety health books. Seek counseling. And most of all, do not give in to urges EVER. For example, symptom checking on the internet, symptom checking on your body all the time, and going from Doctor to Doctor.

Health anxiety is tricky because we think we are trying to save our lives by acting a certain way. But in actuality, we are wasting our lives.

I know, the only way to beat it, is to not fall into a pattern of thinking and acting which feeds it.

Fight it. And kill it. Everyday if you have to.

Good luck to you.
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