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Weird sensations in head.

I'm new to the boards looking for support.Ive hade undiagnosed  anxiety sense I was in my teens.I'm 26 135lbs 5'8.Only other health problems is skipped beats(PAC) Holter monitor caught them.Was working in stadium hosted Rodeo's,roping,horse shows,etc (dusty and dirty).Was working in heat doing some carpentry work using woodfinisher(stain),polyurathan.Not shure if there cause of my problems or helped cause.Shortly after thats when my symptoms begin.I feel woozy sensations like my brains shakes for a sec. accompanyed by nausea,floating feeling while walking was worse at first.A slight head pressure like a books on top of my head at times.Lightheaded like my heads full of blood or not getting enough oxygen to brain.I get these tingly feeling in my head,shoulders, and arms.Not the same tingly u get when your arms asleep more like a rush of energy to my arms and shoulders makes me feel unsteady while standing.I have been to ER 3 times CT normal accept slightly clogged sinus.Blood work and all other workup normal.I also get these weird sensations in my nose maybe my sinuses feels like blood is rushing to my nose.No vertigo no syncope yet.Blood pressure is usually normal but at last ER doc says it was marginal.Been to volunteer clinic because I'm poor they are in a long (mounth and a half now)process of getting me a an apointment for nuero in OKC.3 mounths of these symptoms coming and going and my anxiety is at an all time high.I'm in fear of my symptoms.Only time they dont accure is when showering,driving, and playing my guitar.Looking for answers.
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nice to know i am not on my own i also get a creepy strange feelingin my head all preceding anxiety or panic episodes just want it all to stop but not much chance of that have been told by doctors could be like this for life due to a severe head injury i had due to r.t.a many years ago.
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i get a strange sensation on either side of my head from cheeks to top of head. it feels like my brain is thawing out or something, not too much tingling, but a weird "freezing" sensation. Sometimes i feel heat in my head sometimes a cold spurt and it goes away. ive had CAT and EEG's but all negative, thank God. It's scary though whatever it is. I've had anxiety in the past, but i don't contribute these symptoms to it.
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Okay! I thought I was the only one also. The thing is we all thought we were the only one... There is hardly any information about these kinds of symptoms anywhere, and if you check your symptoms it matches some kind of disease or something. Sometimes even heart problems and this makes us feel worst. Until finally we find a forum like this and find out that we are not the only ones who are suffering with all kinds of weird symptoms. I personally believe it’s due to extreme stress and depression. My symptoms started right after an accident I was in with my two kids and husband. My older child was two and the younger one was only 2 months, so you could imagine how scary that was. It was a car accident by the way. We ran off the road because of a drunken man, he came in front of our car suddenly... The night before I got my first panic attack, I told my mom that I was feeling depress and a few days before and the night of the accident I had a great sense of fear in me. Fear of death... Well that’s when everything started to happen. Same symptoms like you guys. And the worst thing of all is I was breastfeeding and not eating properly... Anyways, for the first anxiety attack I felt like if blood was rushing to my head, it felt cold and wet... But a doc told me that that’s my nerves.... From then till now I felt every different kind of symptom, nerve pains, heart palpitations, cold feet, cold wet feeling in my head on top, neck pains, thought I was going to have a heart attack a few times, pains and aches all over, pain in one eye (most likely related to TMJ, jaw pain)..  Due to stress also I’ve got other problems, dandruff, constipation all sorts of things. I am going to start therapy soon, if God wills. I hope that helps. We just need to get professional help and take good care of our health, exercise, drink water, eat the right foods, not too much junk and soft drink, especially Alcohol… Not too much red meat especially those who suffer from anxiety. But I have heard that eating lots of bananas can help, not instantly but over a period of time… Those who suffer from head injuries go to an Osteopath. (Cranial sacral therapy in fact this therapy can help people with stress and pains also… I did this therapy and it helped me with my terrible head pains… Make sure you guys are taking your vitamins, especially your vitamin Bs… Make sure also that you guys are getting your probiotics(yoghurt, some vitamins have probiotics, ask your doctor or a pharmacist), that’s for your friendly bacteria… You need these things to help your body function…  Okay sorry for the lecture…. But this is my advice….
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What do you do now? Forget about it!! Please do NOT dwell on it. Otherwise, you are going to be a victim of this terrible terrible thing! Seriously, that is when it becomes a problem. That's whats wrong with us. We cant let it go. Don't let it happen to you. If the Doc says everything is ok, let it go. I beg you.
LOL, I sound like you're thinking about joining a cult or something!
But seriously, I'm just saying if u dwell on it you'll just create a cycle for urself.
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Oh my gosh, I feel for you all. I started having weird sensations and feelings, anxiety and a few panic attacks when I was 17. Even though I know that stress and the way we handle stress has a lot to do with it, I had an underlying issue. When I was 22, my mom was reading a book on menopause and found out that someone at my age can suffer from hormone deficiency and premenopausal symptoms. Even though I don't feel like this was the source of my anxiety, my anxiety was definately amplified by it. I got a saliva test done and sure enough my hormone levels were that of a 50 year old woman going through menopause. My doctor put me on a low dose of bio-identical hormones which helped immensely.  It didn't take away all my anxiety or anything, but it sure helped me to think more clearly and have more energy. I'm not really sure if it was the anxiety that caused the hormone deficiancy or the hormone deficiancy that started the anxiety, but either way it helped a lot. I know that there are both psychological and physiological aspects of anxiety. Vitamins, excercise, and better eating habits definitely help, but there is an underlying issue here.  Shortly after I went on hormones, my husband left me, due to the way the last few years had been living with me and my weird symptoms. Instead of freaking out, like I would normally due I thought to myself. I had spent a good portion of my life trying to control everything, afraid of everything that might cause me pain. I was living my life trying to control any chaos or stresses that came, so that I wouldn't have to feel those feelings of anxiety or fear. Then someone came to me with a few verses from the Bible. The first one was Mathew 16:25 "Whoever seeks to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it." Before I continue, don't even think for a second this means to off yourself! What it is saying is that the more we try to preserve ourselves are perfect little lives, the more we feel like were losing it, losing control, losing ourselves, but when we give are lives up to something bigger than ourselves(Jesus), the less we have to worry about and the less we feel stressed and anxious and afraid. For me this was eye opening. The idea that the more I tried to save my life, my marriage, my everything, the more I fell apart, but when I handed it over to God, saying, "Hey buddy, I'm tired of taking care of myself, worrying all the time. It's your turn to  take care of things," I felt more alive than ever. Just realizing that it wasn't all on me. All I had to do was trust Him. The truth is, if I hadn't handed it over to Him, I probably would have gone crazy. Here I was in the midst of one of the worst situations I had ever been in (my husband leaving and eventually having an affair with my best friend), and for the first time in my life, I felt wonderful! It had nothing to do with my situation. My situation was crappy, but what God did was so cool.  A couple of months later, my husband came back completely remorseful and more in love with me than he had ever been. He is completely changed. And I, well I live my life a little differently now. When I encounter situations that make me want to tense up or run away, I do the exact opposite. I walk right into the situation and say, "God, I'm not going to be afraid of making mistakes or looking foolish or feeling crazy. I'm your responsiblity now. The ball is in your court, now deal with it." It's like a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders, and I can breath easy. The feelings don't always go away at once, but I just keep trusting He'll come through. Don't stop moving! Keep going forward and trusting Him to correct your direction, if it's the wrong direction. Just like a infant will roll off the side of the bed trusting his mom or dad will catch him, I take life head on, trusting that God will catch me. For those that think this sounds crazy, I don't give a RATS BUTT. It works! For the guy who said don't think about things so much or you'll create a cylcle for yourself. Proverbs 23:7 "For as a man thinks in his heart, so does he become." Your right! Thinking so much about how you feel, only amplifies the feelings. It's been 3 years since all this stuff happened, and I still feel wonderful. My hormones are starting to level on there own which means hopefully, I won't be taking any meds at all soon:)
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hey first time here! I suffer fron PTSD and anxiety after giving birth 2 my daughter 9 months ago. it is really scary!! The pressure on your head is severe tension! I also get the burning sen sations in my head ears face. all over really and also get sensationsas if someone is sticking neddles on my head! well weird. But I have been having support from our n.h.s mental health team. which has been great!! thes feelings are just all from anxiety. Your are not actually doing yourself harm,even though you feel as if youre going to drop I am learnnig to deal with mine.still have really bad days but beta blockers are helping me. trhe docs say its a long process but will leave me eventually, I really hope so only 29 feel drained all the time!! wamt my normal mind back.:)
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