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Weird sensations in head.

I'm new to the boards looking for support.Ive hade undiagnosed  anxiety sense I was in my teens.I'm 26 135lbs 5'8.Only other health problems is skipped beats(PAC) Holter monitor caught them.Was working in stadium hosted Rodeo's,roping,horse shows,etc (dusty and dirty).Was working in heat doing some carpentry work using woodfinisher(stain),polyurathan.Not shure if there cause of my problems or helped cause.Shortly after thats when my symptoms begin.I feel woozy sensations like my brains shakes for a sec. accompanyed by nausea,floating feeling while walking was worse at first.A slight head pressure like a books on top of my head at times.Lightheaded like my heads full of blood or not getting enough oxygen to brain.I get these tingly feeling in my head,shoulders, and arms.Not the same tingly u get when your arms asleep more like a rush of energy to my arms and shoulders makes me feel unsteady while standing.I have been to ER 3 times CT normal accept slightly clogged sinus.Blood work and all other workup normal.I also get these weird sensations in my nose maybe my sinuses feels like blood is rushing to my nose.No vertigo no syncope yet.Blood pressure is usually normal but at last ER doc says it was marginal.Been to volunteer clinic because I'm poor they are in a long (mounth and a half now)process of getting me a an apointment for nuero in OKC.3 mounths of these symptoms coming and going and my anxiety is at an all time high.I'm in fear of my symptoms.Only time they dont accure is when showering,driving, and playing my guitar.Looking for answers.
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i got the worst flu and have had these symptoms since september, and ever since ive never been the same person, everyday worried about my health, been to ents, allergists, audiologists, family doctors, and all they say its just chronic allergies, so for me reading all of your posts helps me breathe a little for once in a loong time. but i also get this feeling where somethings pushing in my head and it tends to make me twitch and i hate it! and knowing that im only 16 and i have all these weird things happening, you have no idea how happy it makes me feel to know that im not the only one. :)
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You may never end up reading this because you posted your original message almost 3 years ago.  I hope that means your symptoms have stopped and you are feeling better.

I have had the EXACT symptoms as  Tony for almost 20 years now.  A strange sensation inside my head, like the blood supply is being cut off, followed by an electrical shock feeling in my hands and feet and then total weakness in my legs.  It ends with a very rapid heartbeat and nausea (which are probably just reactions to the initial symptoms).

I am SOOOOO DISHEARTENED to read how many doctors have written people off on this board as having "anxiety" or "nervous" problems.  Then throw antidepressants or anti anxiety meds at them.  I can tell you 110 percent, my problem is NOT due to anxiety.  Never is, never has been.  In fact, the major episodes I've had I've normally had either while lying down, or watching TV or even being in a movie theatre.  No stress at all.  So when I hear "anxiety attack' it makes my skin crawl.  It really pisses me off that doctors refuse to dig deeper into their patients and instead just write of off as stress and then toss a Xanax the patient's way.

PLEASE, before any of you accept the first answer from a doctor, move on to at least one other person to check your symptoms out.  

Though my problem has yet to be diagnosed, I keep plugging along.  They've found that I have mitral valve regurgitation (which apparently isn't causing these symptoms)and a cyst in the right temporal lobe of my brain (not whats causing these symptoms).  I'll get to the bottom of it and I hope you all will, too.

Just don't accept "anxiety and stress" as an answer.  As far as I'm concerned, that's the lazy way out for doctors who don't want to delve further into their patient's problem.  

Good luck.
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And, by the way, I've started a blog to document stories just like ours.  People who have gone undiagnosed and after YEARS have found answers to their problems.  Most of whom were brushed off by doctors as being "hypochondriacs" or "anxiety-ridden."  All of them ended up having very real problems that were eventually found by doctors who were willing to step outside of the box and look at other options and possibilities.

Kudos to these docs!

The blog address is:  www.themeddetective.com.

Share your story with me and I'll post it on my site!
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I feeling like my brain is flexing it is weird??????
It is on top towards the frontal lobe.
Any ideas
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To everyone who has these strange symptoms, along with hundreds of others:

Yes, it can be all due to your nervous system.  All...every last faint feeling or tingle can be brought on by nerves.  I know, I've had them all.  From the most benign to the most debilitating.

Please, please do yourselves a huge favor.  Whether you continue to search for a medical answer among specialists, or whether you have exhausted that and have been advised to use mood enhancers to help you, do one thing:  Go out and find a copy of "Hope and Help for your Nerves" by Dr. Claire Weekes.

All I can say is that reading this book has repeatedly brought me back to good health.  I say "repeatedly" because I was first diagnosed with a panic disorder at 16 years old, and I am now 48.  I still have a copy readily available.  It rides in my pocketbook as my Xanax placebo.  And better than any drug, it works...100%.  

Please just try it.  I could fill up this page with symptoms that I have experienced over the years.  I could list every single one here, from head pressure and faintness to shooting tingles down my arms and legs.  Blurred vision, rapid heartbeat, weakness.  I can go on and on.  I won't.  I just wanted to post because this was my experience, this was my "cure".  And I don't use that word lightly.  :o)
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