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Weirdest thing ever

First thing I'd first, I'm on my iPod touch so forgive my grammar.

Today I tried to go to bed and realized I started to dream that I was at my Grandmothers house. Outside it was raining and then it stopped, then my Grandmother said it's going to rain soon. And then the rain started to build up and durring that time I felt my body being pushed down, and I could hear a loud buzzing noise. I couldn't wake up and I couldn't move anything for ten seconds till I woke up. My brother was telling me that could be sleep pralaysis but I don't know, I thought this was my anxiety because I had few panic attacks when I was attempting to go to bed.

I was just hoping that someone can clear out some information. Thanks!

Best Regards,
Tyler Allison
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Hello there,

Like your brother told you it is called sleep paralysis. Anxiety seems to increase the frequency of sleep paralysis issue due to disturbed sleep patterns.

To help regulate your sleep patterns and have a much better rest i would suggest melatonin taken 30 to 90 mins before going to bed. It is available to your local food supplements store.

''In humans, melatonin is produced by the pineal gland, a gland about the size of a pea, located in the center of the brain but outside of the blood-brain barrier. The melatonin signal forms part of the system that regulates the sleep-wake cycle by chemically causing drowsiness and lowering the body temperature, but it is the central nervous system (more specifically, the suprachiasmatic nuclei, SCN) that controls the daily cycle in most components of the paracrine and endocrine systems rather than the melatonin signal (as was once postulated).''

It is also a powerful antioxidant.

''Besides its function as synchronizer of the biological clock, melatonin also exerts a powerful antioxidant activity. The discovery of melatonin as an antioxidant was made in 1993. In many lower life forms, it serves only this purpose. Melatonin is an antioxidant that can easily cross cell membranes and the blood-brain barrier. Unlike other antioxidants, melatonin does not undergo redox cycling, the ability of a molecule to undergo reduction and oxidation repeatedly. Redox cycling may allow other antioxidants (such as vitamin C) to regain their antioxidant properties. Melatonin, on the other hand, once oxidized, cannot be reduced to its former state because it forms several stable end-products upon reacting with free radicals.''

It also boost your immune system. All the reason are good to take melatonin.

Please consider that I'm not a doctor and you should talk to your doctor if you are taking any drugs that might interact with melatonin despite the fact that melatonin is naturally occurring in the brain.

Best regards,
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Thanks for the information, but is this medication safe for a 17 year old? I'm kind of creeped out by random medications because anxiety also conjured hyprochondria. So i'm really worried about my well-being.

By the way, thanks for the post, it helps me alot.
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It could also just be a part of your dream.  Dreams can really confuse us sometimes and it can be perfectly 'normal' for us to experience all sorts of things while we are not fully awake.  For example, when I am about to fall asleep I'll sometimes sit right up in bed trying to catch a football or baseball because I am already starting to dream, so I don't know if you really need to worry about medications due to one dream.

Have you had anxiety in the past?  Are you under a lot of stress?  For me, during stressful, times my dreams can get really wacky and I can experience many weird things.
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Melatonin is not recommended for person under 18 years old.
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While it could indeed be sleep paralysis, only a qualified doctor can make that diagnosis and I don't think it can be made after one experience. I agree with cj that it was more likely just a part of your dream. There is a period of time when our minds are sliding into sleep that we are half awake and half asleep and in that time, we can experience some really weird feelings. One of the most common is the feeling of falling, which usually jerks us wide awake, hearts pounding. It's not very pleasant.
I think your anxiety COULD have played a part in your dream, but it's really impossible to say for sure.
I don't know if melatonin is safe for a 17 y/o, even if anyone CAN purchase it over the counter, and I don't know that you need to mess about with your bodies chemistry or time clock and I would certainly hesitate before taking it until you've discussed it with your doctor.
My advice is to monitor your sleep patterns and if you continue to experience these same sensations, consult with your doctor. Diagnosis and any possible medications or supplements can be discussed at THAT time.
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Did you actually think TylerAllison was 107 years old?
If you are going to suggest ANY type of supplement that you know should NOT be taken by someone younger than 18 years old, you have a huge responsibility to ascertain the age of the poster you are dealing with, or make it VERY clear in your original response that the supplement in question is not be used by persons younger than 18.


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I agree that making the assumption that your experience was a result of sleep paralysis is way premature.  One of the aspects in our lives that are greatly affected by anxiety is our sleep patterns and dreams.  When I am particularly anxious...I have VERY VERY vivid dreams, and like cj mentioned, will find myself "acting out" any portion of that dream.  That is very normal.  

Lydia made an excellent suggestion.  Keeping a sleep/dream diary is an excellent way to collect data about trends and will help you determine whether or not this issue is becoming bothersome enough to see your doctor about.

Lastly, it is VERY VERY important to mention (not only for you, but for anyone reading in this forum)....that the addition of ANY medication, including those that are considered "natural" must be discussed with your doctor first.  Natural remedies are suggested in this forum all the time, and it is vital to understand that the word "natural" does not always indicate "safe", especially for certain people.  Decisions about starting a regime of a natural suplement (for ANY ailment or condition) should be weighed with the same consideration as a prescription medication.

Best of luck..be sure to let us know how you're doing!
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i shall use all small letters so we don't get on your soulders loudly.
the biggest problem with this post is your statement:

"Like your brother told you it is called sleep paralysis....."

you will totally get defensive and disagree with both of us, but what you just did was diagnose this kids problem! you don't have a bloody clue what his "real" problem could be. yes, it could be sleep paralysis, but his brother is not a doctor (i don't believe) and you sure aren't, so how do you get off telling him this is what it is? it could be a score of things, and all three of us, cj, nursegirl and myself all pointed that out. you didn't see any of us handing this kid a dx. because we don't know and neither the hell do you!

as far as the age issue goes, you are, once again, being defensive. i am quite sure you did not think the person was 107 years old and even if you thought they were joking for some obscure reason, it was your responsibility to ascertain their age before making any suggestions about supplements...............you state it's not listed on your bottle so you had to go to a website to find that information. i just went to three and was given three totally different ages for which melatonin was appropriate. i believe cj already advised you about information off the web.............

i'll leave this for the other's to finish..........i'm personally done
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when you are aware that u are stuck into a dream and you can't move it is called sleep paralysis and you dont need to be a doctor to know that ..what else it can be ... dream, aware, cant move/wake for ten seconds... its sleep paralysis and i had several sleep paralysis issues and its totally like he described it..and i say ''Please consider that I'm not a doctor'' just in case to be sure he doesnt take it like a real doctor diagnosis...

there would be so much less trouble if u would stay away from my posts.. see what it does all the time? i  have no problem with cj's post since it's his opinion and he didnt jump on me like u both did u and nurse since its gettin so personal and clear that u dont like me hanging around your forum since i might steal some of your job or doesnt think like a nurse would think ''pills here and there, some jello there, voila!''...
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this forum really has gone to the dogs, hasn't it? oh well, such is life when dealing with over-inflated ego's. not to mention the pot calling the kettle black. but that's neither here nor there.

sleep paralysis is very common and the symptoms are very similar to what you've mentioned, tylerallison. sadly, i'll have to add that i'm not a doctor and that you simply shouldn't take this as any type of advise or recommendation, or especially diagnosis...as it isn't. it's merely an observation of what MAY explain your syptoms. then again, it may not...so you should see a doc...but you should not see a doc because i recommended it because then you would be acting on my advice which is not something you should do because i'm not a doctor...yada yada yada.

incidently, melatonin occures naturally in many many foods....and i'm sure there's no age restriction on eating those foods. of course, i could be wrong in which case you obviously don't want to listen to me.

you know they really should just get rid of this forum. it's truly become embarrassing to read have all these ridiculous 'discussions' tainting this forum. but what can you do? it's the wish of medhelp to allow this to continue. truly shameful.

i'll leave this for the embarassed and annoyed other's to finish....i'm personally finished.
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ok i will get my post deleted again i supposed but TylerAllison needs to know this info and how melatonin have a role in all this.

''Possible causes of sleep paralysis

REM atonia occurs during REM sleep, thus preventing the body from manifesting movements made in the subject's dreams. Very little is known about the physiology of sleep paralysis. However, some have suggested that it may be linked to post-synaptic inhibition of motor neurons in the pons region of the brain. In particular, low levels of melatonin may stop the depolarization current in the nerves, preventing the stimulation of the muscles and any consequent enactment of the dream activity by the body (e.g. preventing a sleeper from flailing his or her legs when dreaming about running).''

Don't delete that post he needs to know!
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I've had a run in with you and nursegirl before, nitpicking about tiny details in peoples posts, and honestly i think youre defeating the whole point of this website.
Most of us are NOT doctors and alot of us clearly state it in our posts, like M4YOU did. Right there we give the poster the heads-up that this is our opinion- not a diagnosis. Why do you have such a problem with that? If you and nursegirl think youre the only ones here with valuable input, please go off and make your own website, okay? Stop harassing other people for putting in their opinion which is, btw, supposed to be HELPFUL.  Were all here to get information and if M4YOU wants to copy and paste another source, thats no different from googling the problem yourself, he's just making it easier for them to find.
I also think its disgusting the way you've deleted his posts defending himself. Its a cowardly thing to do and makes this whole thing look so one-sided.
Get out more, enjoy life, and stop aggravating people who are just trying to help, like you supposedly are.
And delete this if you want, I expect nothing less from the two of you after seeing how you responded to M4YOU. Peace =)
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"there would be so much less trouble if u would stay away from my posts.. see what it does all the time? i  have no problem with cj's post since it's his opinion and he didnt jump on me like u both did u and nurse since its gettin so personal and clear that u dont like me hanging around your forum since i might steal some of your job or doesnt think like a nurse would think ''pills here and there, some jello there, voila!''... "

Excuse me?  

I'm very sorry you see it that way.  I was responding to the poster and in no way did I jump on your post.  Give me a break.

As for the rest of you...I value this forum like the rest of you and sincerely apologize if you feel that I have some kind of personal hidden agenda.  All I want is for people here to get the help they need, period.

That being said, it is only fair to the posters here for misinformation to be corrected, I dont care by whom.  I've been corrected before PLENTY OF TIMES as well when I have made errors.  Difference is...I didn't become defensive or try to justify my mistake somehow...I owned up to it and actually learned from it.

Ive seen some very irresponsible info being posted lately...not so much just because of the info itself, but b/c of the nature of this forum...and the fact that we are dealing with already anxious people who are paranoid.  Just an example (and M4 I am NOT picking on you.....) when M4 mentioned brain stimulation as an example of a cure for OCD, it likely scared the crappola out of the poster.  I know it would have scared ME if I were the OP.  I have received more than one PM from frightened posters askong for clarification of certain posts..people that were terrified...so I'm sorry, but yes, I feel that it is all of our responsibility in this forum (esp cj and lydia) to speak up when something isn't right.  I'm not sorry for that at all.  What I AM sorry about is that people are getting upset thinking this is somehow some kind of power struggle.  Please.  It is an internet forum, and I would take part in it no matter what other people post.  Ive been a member of MH for a while and feel that this is an unbelieveably wonderful resource.  I also recongized quickly in this circumstance, that a calm and rational discussion about a difference in opinion just wasn't going to happen....so I left things well enough alone.  Just because (like this thread) I post in the same thread as others, doesn't mean I'm being argumentative.  Especially b/c M4 posts to many threads...it would be impossible to OT post in the same threads.  Saying that I "jumped all over" M4's response in this thread is a perfect example of the overreaction that has been occuring lately.  It's all there in black and white.  If this s jumping all over a post, then I must be blind, stupid, or both.

In recent days...after trying to point a few things out...I was met with anger and resentment and defensiveness.  I've said from the beginning that I understand that the intentions are good, but that doesn't excuse inappropriate advice.  I used to be a part of another anxiety forum so I've been around this kind of venue for a while, and being an anxiety sufferer myself (currently)...I know just how sensitive we are.

Lastly....it just makes me sad that once again...things cannot be discussed in a rational manner.  Instead, M4 is resulting to slinging insults (" doesnt think like a nurse would think ''pills here and there, some jello there, voila!''... ), it was just totally unnecessary and hurtful.  I worked damn hard to become a nurse and couldn't be more proud.  I see suffering that I cannot even describe in words every single day, which makes something like this seem trivial and silly.  I have no problem with someone disagreeing with me, taking me to task about any of my posts, etc...but when I see disrespectful comments like the above...I'm simply done, as I realize that the person does not seek an adult discussion.  Also, just an FYI....90% of my advice in this forum comes from my own person experiences with anxiety and panic...not from a nursing standpoint.  That knowledge helps me in some posts...but again...the vast majority of my posts are based on my own personal history with an anxiety disorder...therefore the insinuations that somehow that I base all of my replies on my professional background is wrong.

Perhaps one day you will require the knowledge and skills of a nurse, and I surely hope that you manage to irk out a little respect and even appreciation.  I'm sure you wouldn;t appreciate it if I made some generalized snarky remark about musicians.  But, that's just it...I wouldn't.  Certaily not b/c you disagreed with me on an internet forum.

Lastly....to all of the forum members, again I apologize for my contribution to any tension in this forum.  Hopefully I've explained my intentions well enough and hopefully my posting history speaks for itself as far as my wishes to try to free as many people from anxiety as possible.  I appreciate the insight from all of you...and even the criticism.
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Well, I didn't mean to start a war, but it was technically my fault for not stating a age at all. I just assumed you guys would see my display picture and do the math in guessing how old I was :(.

But i'm pretty sure it is sleep paralysis, because it just fits in. It's only a mild case though, i'll live with it until it expands lol. And no, I didn't have anxiety all my life, it's just when I had my first panic attack in September I just went crazy...it was my first and worse panic attack i've ever experienced, and it got me all cautious about my health. Yeah, I am stressed alot since i don't talk to a lot of my classmates at school, i'm just scared to socialize and make new friends, especially to those girls that I may be attracted to...it *****. My dad says that the only way to beat anxiety is to fight it, so I try talk to people but i'm just to damn shy, so the anxiety and shyness sets me farrr back. Anyways, i'll stop with the "irrelevantness" lol.

And I know what you mean that you go up to try to catch a football when you're about to sleep. Sometimes i'd have these huge twitches, sort of like if someone is trying to punch me in the face and I move out of the way to dodge it.I must admit, those are funny to experience, especially after the sleep paralysis...I laugh right after I have it lol. :P

To whom that posted in this thread I just appreciate all the help you've supported me with, and I thank nursegirl, M4Y0U, flob, greenlydia, and Bridges1989. I hope you guys have a wonderful life :D
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I refuse to really get into anything with you, but since you addressed your post to me, personally, I would just like to clear up ONE of the things you have wrong in your post.
It was NOT me who deleted M4YOU's posts.
Terribly sorry if you see this as yet more "nit-picking" on my part, but if you're going to accuse someone of something, make damn sure YOUR facts are straight.
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''Well, I didn't mean to start a war, but it was technically my fault for not stating a age at all. I just assumed you guys would see my display picture and do the math in guessing how old I was :(. ''

Don't worry about it you have nothing to do with anything that happened prior your post. Don't take the blame on your shoulder it is our fault.

Don't worry about not stating your i just said it was not recommended to people under 18 years old to be extremely cautious.

''While the packaging of melatonin often warns against use in children, at least one long-term study does assess effectiveness and safety in children. No serious safety concerns were noted in any of the 94 cases studied by means of a structured questionnaire for the parents. With a mean follow up time of 3.7 years, long-term medication was effective against sleep onset problems in 88% of the cases.''

If you want to start taking melatonin to help with your sleep pattern you don't need to see a doctor to do so unless you are already taking a medication that could cause an interaction.

Anyway i suggest you do your own research on melatonin or read the wikipedia article to see all the benefits and potential of use in other conditions such as mood disorder and more.

Anyway please consider it only a suggestion and talk with a doctor if you are talking any medication.

Best regards,
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wow...they certainly did butcher this thread didn't they? most unfortunately, that doesn't solve a single thing. and to the original poster...why on earth would you blame yourself? it really truly has nothing to do with you. it's that "i'm right and you're wrong" mentality that's really to blame. eventually it no longer matters what the argument is about...it becomes instead about having the last word and making the other submit. it really is a shameful spectical to observe.
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