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What is my hometown ?

I am on Phentermine  a diet pill, I have been taking it for 4 months. I have Anxiety and I am also Bipolar which I haven't had any Anxiety for over a year now. For about a month now I have been having Anxiety  attacks and Depression really bad. I fought out I shouldn't take Phentermine  if I have Anxiety or Depression. So I was going to get back on my meds. that I used to take  which was Welbrutain XL and Xanxa . So the question is>>  Could I continue with the Phentermine while taking   Welbrutain XL and Xanxa? If anyone knows please let me know. The Xanxa was a low milligram .5 and the Welbrutain XL was 150 milligrams. Please get back with me soon I have not took my Phentermine and I am not going to take it today I go see that doctor Saturday. And Monday I go see the doctor for my  Anxiety and Bipolar. Thanks so much.
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Phentermine and Wellbutrin XL can cause a serious interaction problem, although I find no exidence of Xanax causing a problem.

Before changing or stopping any medication, you should first consult with your healthcare providerm so that he/she know exactly what medications, to include supplements, you are taking, and for what reason(s).

Only then, will they be able to prescribe proper medication to control your symptoms without any concerns over drug interactions.

My suggestion  is to keep taking your medication, as prescribed until you see your doctors on Saturday and Monday.

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Thanks a lot for the feed back.
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I can't even get into a doctor to get back on my Xanxa I took it for years and never had a problem when I stopped taking it. And I stoped taking the Phentrmine. Now I am on Diucaps, Lexapro , and Lamictal. Are those safe to take together?
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My son is on zanex, ambien pain pills blood preaure meds and now the doctor put him on Phentermine. Is this right
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