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What a pain in the rear...

this anxiety and panic is!  Enough is enough already it's starting to get on my last nerve!!!!!!!  I been on zoloft for a month now well that includes with the dosage being increased...I know they say it takes time I am being patient and I am a whole lot better from what I was!  I was on it before and it worked and I came off it for a few years... it's just not fair why do I have to feel this way.  I'm trying my hardest to be strong and read which is helping.  Does anyone else get weak in their legs standing up while having a panic attack?  Or am I the only freak?  I am 26 I don't want this anymore...What do people do when they decide they want to get pregnant?  Not that i'm planning on it for a while but just curious.  It went away before I want it to go away again.  Ps-i'm waiting for my claire weekes book and video.  Sorry I am just venting it's just so frustrating.
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I just looked it up and the Claire Weekes' book titled Hope and Help for Your Nerves does looke very promosing.  It got good reviews on Amazon.com and only costs $7.00.

By the way, have you ever considered counseling?  Besides getting a prescription for Lexapro (for anxiety and depression) I sought the assistance of a psychologist and he helped tremendously.

Whenever I get a panic attack, I realize that it is just that - panic and not a heart attack or anything that will kill me.  I just accept it and ride it out.  In other words, I decided to not get stressed every time I have a panic attack and that attitude alone has really helped me to cope.  You might give that a try.
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Thanks so much for the good advice.  Just as you were writing this my mom was telling me that as well.  I had every test done so it's just all in my mind.  Which is true like you said ride it out.  I have to stop thinking about it.  It is seriously a BIG circle that has to be broken.
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It's a vicious routine....symptoms, researching the internet, fearing the worst, seeing a doctor, medical tests, more medical tests.  I'm not wasting my time anymore.  Live in the moment and live courageously.  Break the horrible routine.  I have found when I want to look up symptoms on the internet I just read a book or watch my favorite show instead.  Hope this helps!!!
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I am 52 now and have been dealing with anxiety since I was 24. I have seen so many doctors its not funny. I can't take antidepressants because of really bad allergic reactions,so I tried therapy for acouple of years along with antianxiety meds. It has been no picnic,but I have learned to deal with it by doing crossword puzzles, working in the garden, taking time for myself, and just trying to relax. Hang in there, things will ease up. Just keep yourself busy and try not to think about it(easier said,then done) but I try to help myself , and it works,not all the time,but most of the time.  HANG IN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!    GOOD LUCK.
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Thanks a lot for the support and good words they mean a lot.  It's true I have to stop looking online and I have to stop thinking about it!  I am trying to focus on other things it is rough, but hopefully my mind can just stop thinking about it.
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