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What are some ways you deal ??

When I was 23 I was stupid and decided to experiment with cocaine and was into it for about a month or two. During this time my stepfather was diagnosed with cancer.  Long story short I did too much of that drug one night and ended up in the hospital. I thought I ruined my heart because of the awful feeling I felt that put me there. I probably should have died that night and I hated myself for the longest time for doing that especially when we found out my stepdad had cancer.  I developed this wonderful thing called "anxiety" for a number of reasons. Now two years later, changed ways, I've grown up and realized my past mistakes were no longer going to haunt me. But sometimes I can't help it. I am now married and in nursing school and I find myself dealing with anxiety.  Besides medicine, what helps you so I can try it :) thanks !
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Hi Bek25. I find that meditation helps a lot. It takes time to figure out the proper way that works for you, but I think it would help you a lot. Also, what you did is something a lot of us do at one time in our lives. It is over and in your past so don`t beat yourself up over it. Look at it as a learning experiance and that now as a nurse, you will be more able to understand when you have to deal with somebody who is where you were. Everything happens for a reason in our lives. It is how you walk away with that knowledge and use it that determines whether it is something it that keeps you down or brings you up to better things. Cancer is never and easy thing for anybody to deal with, even if you aren`t the one with it. You will be ok. Everybody make mistakes. EVERYBODY!!!  You have a good life going. Don`t ruin it by hanging on to something you did in the past. Let it go. Try to meditate at least once a day. And forgive yourself Bek. I`ll be ok.     Dan
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Meditation really does help me along with working out. I have to get that extra adrenaline off of me or it will eat me up. I also listen to self help tapes and have relaxing ocean melodies on my I touch to sleep too at night. I will also get silly games on my Itouch to distract me when things really start acting up.

Talking is huge too. A therapist who specializes in anxiety can really help to get you through it. Once you find a therapist you click with, hold onto them :)
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Therapy can help.   Mine suggested things like counting to 100 by 3s or focusing on the task your doing totally.   I am washing a dish.  I am picking up a fork,  I am counting to 100 by 3s  ;-)   You get the idea.

Group therapy with people who have the same triggers is a plus.   Everyone needs a place to vent.

If the meds your using don't help be sure to tell your doctor.  Some anti Anxiety meds work better (or worse) for some people.   Good luck!
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