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What are the best meds?

I have been prescribed Sertraline by my doctor for anxiety and stress.  I do not suffer from depression however, but I am always "wound up" all day!  I am in constant fight or flight and have adrenalin buzzing round me constantly!  

I was also given Mirtazapine (Remeron) to try but I was then told not to take it by my new dr because it is not an SSRI, it actually inreases the noradrenalin and therefore would wind me up more.  My husband was given Mirtazapine and he experienced slowing of his heart rate which would be a good thing for me because I have sustained sinus tachy and high bp.  But he also said they were like "Horse Tranquilizers" and that I wouldn't like them, however, they do apparently increase appetite and help you to put weight on.  

I started taking the Sertraline (Zoloft) and it was making me feel sickly, I have already lost a lot of weight through loss of appetite so I didn't need that.  How long does it take for that sickly feeling to stop?  

I have been prescribed the following in the past which didn't work: Fluoxetine (Prozac), Citalopram (Celexa).  

Should i stick with the Zoloft or should i try the Mirtazapine?  I really DO need to put weight back on, I look a mess, I'm way too skinny now and have lost some more weight.  I went from 10.5 stones in Jan (at 5' 11" tall) to only 8 stones within a couple of months.  I am now weighing still 8 stones but a little less with my shoes off!  

Does anyone know if Mirtazapine is given for anxiety as well as depression or is it basically an "upper" and those with anxiety should avoid it?  Are SSRI's the only way to treat anxiety?

Some advice would be appreciated.  If there is an SSRI out there that increases appetite and helps weight to go on then someone please tell me what is available.

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