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What are the chances of heart attack?

Hello everyone:) I'm a 30 year old female with health anxiety..have had it most of my life. After having a baby 7 months ago it has gone through the roof to where it's almost obsessive. The last 7 months I have thought that I had (in no particular order) Heart attack, stroke, MS, Epilepsy, blood clot, pulmonary embolism, brain tumor...etc. The last few months my obsession has been my heart..I have been to the ER about 3 times thinking I might be having a heart attack..actually called 911 one night at 3am. I've had at least 4 EKG's done (Those don't necessarily show a heart attack though), bloodwork for cholesterol levels/as well as bloodwork to show for heart attack, chest x-rays, stress test with echo-cardiogram..doctor said he doesn't believe that I have any heart disease. My question is, I know that anxiety can mimic lots of things..but the last few days i've been getting jaw pain on and off...chest discomfort and random pains in my arms, elbows, upper chest..should I go back to the ER? I mean is there any other tests that I could take that would really show a possible upcoming heart attack? I just want to feel normal again and not question every minute of my life if i'm dying of a heart attack
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Honey I'm going through everything your going through . Mine is constant chest pain right around the heart it's not sharp Pains it's more of a throbbing pain I've had abt 11 EKG 3 chest X-ray and blood work everything came back normal I want a stress and echo test I'm so scared I have heart disease . I do have high blood pressure and high cholesterol but w taking meds it's all under control . I can't lay on my stomach w/o my chest hurting I can feel my heart beating in weird places that scare me. I'm at the dr now thinking maybe I'll ask him for w EKG. I'm so
Over this and thing is today is my birthday :/
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Hi. I was diagnosed with a primary anxiety disorder 7 months ago & the main focus of my condition was on my heart. I have been seeing a wonderful psychiatrist who has been a great support to me & I am now feeling 100% better. if I could give you some advice on how to stop your heart focused anxiety it would be to do what I did - ECG's, stress Echo's etc will never give you the answer (reassurance) that you are looking for. Get your doctor to refer you to a cardiologist, tell him about both your symtoms (which are very real to you) & your anxiety. Then ask for a cardio angiogram. The angiagram is the gold standard test & will tell you exactly the start of your heart (calcium build up that causes heart attacks). Once I had mine done, the cardiologist gave me a 10 year garuantee on my heart. That changed everything for me.

Don't feel alone or silly with what & how you are feeling. It is indeed very real. The adrenal glands are powerful things that make a small innocuous flutter seem life threatening. I hope this helps and wish you all the very best.
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You may be having hypochondriasis with anxiety
You can rule out heart attack with ECG and troop in
And this time once ruled out straight go to a psychiatrist and a counsellor
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