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What does a panic attack feel like to you?

Hello everyone :) I have health anxiety and suffer from panic attacks. I just wanted to know, for anyone who suffers from panic attack, what it feels like for you? It might be comforting for everyone to be able to relate to the same symptoms of a panic attack.

Generally mine, I started to feel light headed/faint and heavy, especially my head. I feel out of it and it's hard to concentrate. My body generally feels constricted so I need to breath in deeper and slower. As well I feel spacey afterwards and generally don't recover for awhile.

My therapist said it's a possibility I could be holding my breath without realizing it.

Thanks to those who share their experience !
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Well I had one Sunday morning after a nights of drinking smh wrong idea. But for me I have two diff kind. Usually i have heart palpitations and very bad shortness of breath like all the air out my body is leaving . But the one I had Sunday was diff I started feeling dizzy weak breaking out in worm sweats behind my head and racing heart. I was so scared. Ever since then I haven't been feeling well. Today was a bad day for me. I woke up feeling short of breath then soon as that went away I got a text saying my aunt died. So all day I have having short of breath and heavy  chest feeling idk what's up.
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I'm really sorry to hear that. I'm assuming you've already been to the doctor before to make sure your panic attacks aren't caused from health reason? They are definitely scary. The main thing to do is check your breathing and self talk helps too! Drink water too, since you're probably dehydrated.

Take care! :)
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