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What is a good long term med for panic & anxiety besides antidepressants?

The only thing that seems to bring temp relief to my panic and anxiety is Klovopin or xanax and of course these wear off rather quickly.  Is there a medication which builds up in your system and maintains constant GABA levels in the brain?  I don't have a serotonin malfunction but a GABA inmbalance.  Any med ideas would be welcome.  Thank you so very much in advance.
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I suggest you go to the "Psycopharmacology Group" and ask Ryan this question. I fear I don't have the knowledge to give you a difinitive answer. The link is below. When you open the link, a box will drop down, just click "open" and you'll be in the group. Click on the green "Post A Question" tab and post your question.

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