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What should I do about syringe fear?


I would like some help regarding my anxiety. Please don't post to troll. I know it is anxiety but I don't know what to do about it. People say to separate fact from fiction but I easily believe both.

I took some clothing to a thrift store near me. The neighborhood is not bad or anything. It is is not the cleanest area but not within an alleyway. I had a big bag of donations. On my way to the door the bag handles tore and my donations fell everywhere. I was in the middle of the parking lot and fearing a car zooming through, I scooped my clothing and books up in my arms, lightly scraping my hands and arms on the asphalt. I was kneeling and in a hurry. I slowly got them to my car again to regroup. I stuffed the stuff in a box in my car, making contact with donations on my arms, legs, stomach, as well as my knees and hands touching the ground. They fell out again on the sidewalk and I repeated my steps of scooping things up. It took me lots of dragging and contact with my items. I was frustrated and hurried. I finally got everything inside and dumped it in the donation box. Suddenly, with my arms and legs slightly sore/scrapped by the books and boxes, I got another (they happen a lot) syringe thought. It got hold of me before I could stop it. There must be drug syringes on the ground outside. They must have gotten stuck in my donations. I got poked by these syringes all over. The syringes had diseases in them. I was infected with a disease. I tried to get rid of the thought. I ignored it. I told myself it was super irrational. I told myself it was unlikely. I told myself getting a disease was unlikely. But still, my arms itched, I saw "injection" sites and bumps/holes on my arms (likely my old IV holes since I often have blood work done). My arms hurt. I never SAW a syringe outside(I recall seeing a bobby pin and a cigarette), I looked at the ground as I left (nothing but it was dark), there was no painful poke that I felt just the "aftermath" feeling.

I don't know what I want to know. How likely is this scenario? Did syringes infect me? Do I have OCD? I don't fear blood work, why do I fear used syringes?

Many thanks. I am not unreasonable. I just have immense fear.
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The liklihood is they were syringes from a diabetic. They may use several a day and they are difficult to dispose off.  That being said if you are worried about contracting HIV you need to wait seven weeks to test for seroconversion. That is very unlikely.
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