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What should I tell people?

So I had a really bad panic attack on the 2nd. I went my doctor and he said that was it and he was checking me into the hospital for a couple days. He has wanted to do this for a while, but I have refused up until now. We have been through just about every medication and he decided a couple days of observation and testing we in order. My physical symptoms are really really bad, heart racing, shaking, trouble breathing, etc...so that worried him.

We did many tests and of course there are no real answers. Maybe thyroid, maybe lactic acid levels, but nothing for sure. Soo... my coworkers are incredibly nosy, despite my attempt to be a private person. One of them knows that I was in the hospital for sure so I will have to have some answers.

Can anyone suggest a cover? Something that is not serious, so as not to worry people. But also short and sweet so I dont have to do a lot of BSing and explaining. And yeah I know I should just be able to say I was sick and have people leave me alone, but you know how some people are. Any ideas would help. Thanks guys.
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I would just say that you have had some frightening symptoms and it could possibly be linked to your thyroid. Of course than you have to deal with follow up questions, I guess then you could say it's been taken care of and try to nip it in the butt then. The bad thing about panic and anxiety is they normally don't make a one time appearance, they like to pop in and out of our lives. Sooooo I guess you would have to deal with reaccuring incidents and further questioning from your coworkers. I totally understand you not wanting them to know. It seems that people deem others who have panic attacks as not right in the head or crazy. WHATEVER. Coming from people who have never had to deal with one.

Good luck!
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Ah, black operations - I love it!

Hide the truth -WITH the truth. Just say you were having odd heart rythyms and trouble breathing and swallowing, so you went to check it out. (Who wouldn't?) Then say the test results didn't really satisfy the doctor, so he pretty well insisted that having you more consistently monitored and observed in the hosital was really the only alternative. (Right? right?)  Then you say, if I knew more, I'd have more to tell (which is NOT the same as saying you WOULD tell more).

Does that work?
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Hard one to try and explain to others especially if you think they won't understand you or the condition. Maybe just tired and not been sleeping too well as of late. So you just came over all funny. But what if it happens again? Can we go on making excuses up everytime something happens? Telling a lie now might make it more awkward at a later date. But your shout and I fully understand where you are coming from on this one.
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If someone asks you about your hospital stay, simply say "I was admitted for some tests, I am going to be ok, and I would rather not discuss it any further".  No need to make excuses up or divulge any more information than that - it simply isn't any of their business!
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My brother was recently admitted to a hospital psych ward for a week.  He's got a great management position with a large aerospace company.

I believe the best answer was giving 'the truth'.  If someone doesn't already know or suspect a hospitalization simply say "I needed some time off..." and leave it at that.  If someone knows you were in the hospital give them a very straightforward answer... "My blood pressure was at dangerous levels."  Now, for my brother's case, the blood pressure was indeed sky high.  So let's say you can misdirect with the truth.  Nothing wrong with that.  Or, if needed, outright lie.  Your peace of mind at work takes precedence over what tales you tell nosy co-workers.  There should be no guilt trip whatsoever!

Good luck!

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Tell them that you went cause about five minutes at work you start to feel a severe pain in your ***.and you wanted to make sure a co worker face wasnt stuck there;so you can be your best on the job;),I was in a completely worse dilemma,when  I went to my old companies hmo and discovered that my urologist was talking to his secretary about my business and she was a co workers wife;no such thing as discretion or privacy.hate to be jaded but tis mine experience.I kick myself for not suing,coulda been better off and possibly changed something in the process.good luck to you partner.sharatan
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