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What to do what you are too sensitive to SSRI's or 5HTP

I am too sensitive to any kind of SSRI or even natural serotogenic medications like 5htp, Once i take them I go into a panic attack. My body just cant deal with them. What do I do now when the medication ive been prescribed to help me with panic and anxiety is causing more panic and anxiety attacks??
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I did the same thing, they tried all kinds of them on me and as soon as i took them i got more panicky and went to the ER more! I take a half of a .25 klonopin before bed now and it helps some. you may try some sort of benzo drug?  
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Ditto here, I took Prozac for years and had no problem at all with it.  I stopped for about 5 months and decided to go back on it..I had horrific panic attacks, same with Paxil, and then I attempted to take St Johns Wort, and the same thing happened....panic, hypomania, irritability, color changes.....awful stuff.

Some say those of us who are SSRI resistant may be bipolar 3, a newer diagnosis. We probably will not fare well on any SSRI, and may have to take a smaller dose of a mood stabilizer drug..Lamictal, Tegretal, Depakote. I have not attempted that.  

Yep, the benzos work, but getting hooked on them is a nasty thing.

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I tried the a few years ago now I am taking...nothing.. after the Lexapro and the Xanax route then the 5HTP and Sam -E(yes they do work) but after a few weeks you get the usaual side effects. I foundI felt better with nothing at all, I have no more panic or anxiety, once all that stuff gets out of your system.
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