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What would you do?

Im suffering from fear, guilty and anxiety in the last 3 months.
IM male, had sex with female CSW, unprotected oral and protected vaginal and anal. After that, I had all the symptoms, sore throat, low grade fever, muscle and joint pains, swollen lymph nodes, etc. My fiancee had also symptoms, what drove me out of my mind. I did several tests for STDs, the last one after 8 weeks of exposure. At week 10 I got very ill, with a severe sore throat that made me lost my voice. After 15 days of medication, i became better, but now developed rash in arms and a big mouth ulcer near my wisdow tooth. I have this now for 5 days. Im at 3 month mark now.
Im not myself anymore, and fear the worst.
I will get married in the end of this month, and dont know what to do. Should I test now again? If negative, I think I can move with my life. If positive, I dont think I will be able to continue, Im already having suicidal thoughts.
If I dont test, I think I can proceed and ger married, but I will have this fear.
Appreciate your thoughts.
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You tested negative for std so you don't have std. You already know you can't have HIV so there is no purpose listing your health concerns and calling it "all the symptoms."
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If you had protected sex with a condom on then there is nothing to worry about! Sounds to me like you are still in shock. You tested negative then your all good if you would like retest yourself again. But I doubt you have anything since you where never at risk. Oral is a very very low risk of transmitting anything. Protected sex is no risk at all. So I’m more then sure that you are all good and just have some bad anxiey and are in shock. Restest yourself again to put your mind at ease and if you still feel this way then my advice would be to see a metal health professional. Nothing wrong with getting help. But like I said before I’m more then certain you are fine it’s just bad anxiey. I done oral many of time and got oral never got anything that way. The risk is way to low to really worry about honestly. Relax man you are going to be fine!
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Agree with the other two, but will add, it sounds to me like you had a virus or bacterial infection.  Maybe even just a bad cold.  If you took antibiotics for it, that's what caused the rash -- this is such a common vicious cycle for those who take antibiotics.  They kill both the bacteria that make us sick and the bacteria that makes us well, and when the beneficial ones are dead we are more subject to getting skin problems.  
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