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26 year old male

I have had some crazy symptoms in the past year. It first occurred back in May when i was off roading on hummers. I had this weird sensation right under my chest. Felt weird and i got off the ride. As soon as someone came to help me i felt dizzy like i was about to faint. I panicked and felt this jolt of electricity all over my body. My heart was racing fast, i was feeling weak, felt like i was detached from the world and thought i would die. The medic looked at my vitals and she didn't find anything wrong. I still felt like there was something serious wrong with me. While i was in the ambulance i thought i was surely dead and was actually saying my final prayers.

I go to the hospital, I'm still feeling bad. They do multiple test on me including X rays, Blood test. Everything is Normal. They gave me anti anxiety medicine and i feel ok. The next day i feel the same symptoms on a plane back. It lasts for about 45 minutes but i didn't panic or go to the hospital and just kept it to myself.

Im still not feeling like the usual self for weeks until i was at a wedding. Suddenly i have shortness of breath and feel detached from he world again. My left hand was tingling as well. Felt like a certain heart attack. I go to urgent care and they do an EKG. Comes out normal. Blood test are mostly fine but i had slightly low potassium.

I went to my physician and he nearly talked to me. He told me there was no way i had a heart attack because i am fairly young and prescribed me anti depressants and lorezapam. I take the anti depressants and some of my symtoms go away. I felt fine and i was vacationing in california and thus.

Fast forward to a few months ago i haven't been feeling that well. I have symptoms such as minor chest discomfort here and there, arms and feet weakness and tingling, loosing consciousness (but never passing out), blurry vision, weakness, headaches and such. Its been going on for months and there have been times where i had to leave my class and such.

Whats going on? I'm gonna see my new physician on the 14th so hopefully i will get some answers there.
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It definitely sounds like you had a panic attack while off roading and then again the next day, and now you're dealing with generalized anxiety. How long have you been on medication? It took a while for me to start feeling "normal" again, but if you've already been checked out and nothing is wrong then it probably is just the anxiety causing all your physical problems. It's crazy the physical sensations anxiety can cause! I get the blurry vision, limbs tingling, and weakness when I'm anxious or having a panic attack, and at first until I learned how to deal with it with help from my therapist I was feeling constantly crappy for months.
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My first major panic attack was similar to yours. Completely out of the blue. Was convinced I was dying and was even saying my final prayers, just like you. Felt like I was having a heart issue of some kind. 3.5 years later, I am still struggling with anxiety and panic. My advice is grab the bull by the horns and make getting better your top priority. Find a good therapist. Don't just settle for meds, get therapy as well such as cognitive behavioral therapy. Also, educate yourself. Read something like Don't Panic from Reid Wilson.
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