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Whats the matter with me?!!

I've had different symptoms this past year and got checked out by my DR and said i was fine, ifeel better for afew days and then istart thinking i might have some other disorder, First i thought i had leukemia now it's lupus even after being told that i dont have anything to worry about i still dwell and worry any body out there that can relate to this i'm driving my self nuts Please Help!!!!!!
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trust me you are not alone! I had everything from a brain tumor, brain annerurism, to ovarion cancer! Im weak all the time but the doctors say im completly healthy. It is so hard to accept that anxiety can produce physical symptoms.
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thanks you made me feel better it's just a nightmare sometimes. like i get a rash on the side of my nose which go's away with skin moisturizer and i have pain in my elbow i then look on line and find symptoms and bingo i start dwelling over it even after being told that my rash would'nt go away with moisturizer if it was lupus rash and i have a very phisical job that i use my arms all day lifting trash cans. my sister is a RN and she tries to tell me that i'm ok Thank You  Happy  New Year!!!
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