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When Recovering

Can anyone relate to this or shed some light.

After having anxiety for the past 2 month, some severe and some mild, what is it about feeling good that is so strange? Last week I had panic attacks in my sleep so to say the least, it was a rough week. This week I am doing alot better but I feel weird when I am not worrying about panic and anxiety.

Sometimes the calmness is just as bad as the anxiety itself. its almost like waiting to get hit with it out of the blue.

Man, can we play games with ourselves.
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Our minds work different than "normal" people. We have to teach ourselves to put the panic attacks in the back of our minds and move on but never forget them. I tend to forget mine after a few months and then they start creeping back in. One week ago today I had the worst one I have had in my 16 years of panic attacks. I had several others after that, almost like aftershocks after a earthquake. Today, I feel one trying to creep up and I say stop it!!!

The only problem I see is if you completely forget how it felt to have one, it will end up biting you in the end.
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I have panic attacks and they are the worse thing ever I think.
I literally get to the point where I cannot breath in or out and I'm convinced Im going to nver breath again, I start to shake and when they start to go, anything from 5 mns to half an hr, I just cry.
Seroxate helped me tonnes but my Dr has taken them off me and boy am I suffering.
Thinking of you x
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I really like that, "aftershocks after an earthquake". You hit the nail on the head. After a panic attack, the aftershocks go on for days.

Another point you have is that not forgetting them. That is my problem. I know they are bad but I forget how powerfull they are. That why when I get hit with one, I am floored by it.

Now I am documenting, for the first time, every thought, feeling etc that I can. When I am over this, I will go back and remind myself of the experience.
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