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When you are anxious at night

I've rarely had any insomniac episodes in my life, even when I've been worst with depression; but lately I'm finding it hard to sleep and I stay up very late. It helps me to think that (a) it's a symptom of anxiety and not a permanent condition, and (b) I'm definitely not the only one.

I often find myself contemplating on my problems -either real or made up by my anxious mind- much more obsessively at night, I guess because I'm basically doing nothing and there's nothing to distract me; and they seem, well... much bigger and scarier than in the daylight.

What do you do when you can't sleep because you're anxious when you're supposed to be sleeping? Do you find that your thought-stopping techniques work just as well at night or is it harder for you to keep your anxiety at bay?
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I have been diagnosed with panic disorder. I wont take medication though.  Im too scared of the side effects of any drug.  Im trying to work it out myself.  I read alot, meditate, pray, walk outside, distract myself anyway possible.  However, you are right.  I feel my worst at night.  What I do when I really cant cope, after trying the above, I put on headphones and I listen to something relaxing for me.  Relaxing for me is, worship music or preaching.  You may listen to whatever would calm you down.  This has helped me tremendously.  And I fall asleep right away.  Sometimes now, I don't even have to listen to anything.  In time, we'll be okay.  Hope this helps.  And hope you have a great day tomorrow.
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Up at night? You are, indeed, a "moon" flower. For me, reading does the trick. A few pages -and - Zzzzzzz. Luli z's out on worship music and preaching. If I listened to that, I'd end up singing out loud and getting into arguments with the preacher. So, it is very much a question of what works for you. Maybe books on tape?
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