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Which medication?


I'm going to see my primary care physician today to see if I can switch my prescription of Ativan to something that I would be taking everyday that would build up in my system. The Ativan right now (.5mg) isn't really doing much for me anymore. I will say though it did get rid of my heart palpitations and I do calm down somewhat (I'm a hypochondriac), but I still would have physical symptoms like tingling, burning, headaches which just brings me right back to my thinking something is horribly wrong with me.
My sister has been on Celexa for a few years for GAD, my anxiety was brought on by our mother's death a few weeks ago. From what I can tell with her and what she would be like without the medication, it helps her a lot.

I was just wondering about people's personal opinions about these types of anti-anxiety medication, experiences, etc.
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Hello and welcome to the Anxiety Community!

How long have you been on the Ativan and how do you take it?  Do you take it regularly every day or just "as needed"?  That makes a big difference in the effectiveness.  Short acting benzos like Ativan are best taken "as needed" as a rescue drug or for a short period of time.  The longer one takes it regularly, a tolerance builds where it becomes less effective.

It is certainly worth discussing with your doctor,.  There are many medication options out there for treating anxiety.  Antidepressants, like your sister is taking, is a common choice,  They can be effective for treating anxiety without a person needing to depend on the benzos (ie Ativan), which can come with tolerance and dependency issues.  there are many different antidepressant meds out there.

As for which medication your doctor will suggest will largely depend on your history, your symptoms and so forth.  Each situation is unique, but many people have had great success with the antidepressant medications used to treat anxiety.

It's fine to seek out peoples' experiences with meds, just be cautioned not to put too much emphasis on any of  the stories, good or bad.  Each person will have their own unique experience.  One person's nightmare can be another person's life saving success story.

Stick around and keep us updated on how you're doing!

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I take zoloft for anxiety it helps greatly,a lot of ssri's help with anxiety.
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There are alot of different benzodiazepines (google it) out there and they are for controlling anxiety.  Some work well for some people, and others not as much.  So, unfortunately, we with anxiety have to 'find' the right benzo for ourselves.  Get with your doctor, and let him make a good recommendation for you, and see how it goes.  If it's not working, go see doc again.  Good luck!
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