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Which pills would be best?

I'm severely depressed, have been for quite some time, and i've been on Venlafaxine before but it didnt seem to help. i got off of it because i wanted to get better on my own without the help of drugs. however, i'm done being stubborn and now i realize that maybe antidepressant can help me recover. I don't want to be on some random, never heard of drug that i can't pronouce. i need a strong anti-depressant that has great reviews and it very popular within the depressed community. what would a doctor suggest? i also have anxiety, so if theres a drug that can help my depression, AND decrease my anxiety, that would be perfect.(check my profile for more information)
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We can't and don't recommend drugs. There is no "popular" drug with those who are suffering with anxiety and/or depression.  Talk to your parents about how you are feeling, and let your doctor know, only he can tell you if you need medication and what would be best. Therapy is your first step to getting better.
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Ok, well I read your profile.

Something as traumatic as getting hit by a car can do this for sure. A girl who I was off and on with was absolutley gorgeous. She was your typical blonde girl, (Miss I'm Better than everyone else) who went out to clubs/shopping/getting all dressed up and followed in the foot steps of Britney Spears. She got hit by a car just like you did and ever since, she's basically scared to go out now. It's even worse when it run's in your family because it is in you and something like that triggered you.

Honestly, therapy is the answer. Find a therapist who was once in your position and got out, and is now helping other people get out. You will be able to relate in a high level. If you don't, you will get worse. You can't just snap out of it unless you really force yourself to which I did.

Stay away from meds. One main reason is that you said that you don't even have an interest in sex that much. Anti-D's have side effects and a lot of girls who take them can't produce an orgasam. So you would be double f*cked when it came to sex lol.

Honestly, I can leave you with this. I know what depression is. You are wasting years of your life on this that you will never get back agian. Your only a teenager, ONCE. No big responsibilites nothing. You should be living it up, not hiding. Just smile and enjoy everything around you. You survived getting hit by a car. Thousands of people don't. Your blessed. Goodluck.
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I would have to agree that we really cannot recommend various types of medications becuase so many of us have varying opinions on the same drugs.  What works for one, may not work for another.  There are many classes of medications that can help and this may be a good time to sit down with your doctor and/or therapist to discuss your options.  I am a proponent of medications as long as it is combined with talk therapy.  Learning about the root cause of your depression can help you overcome it in my opinon....keep us posted!
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I have suffered major depressions off and on since I was your age.  As depressed as you are, I highly recommend talking to your doctor about trying antidepressants.  I tried therapy first and it did absolutely nothing for me.  Sometimes it even made me feel worse.  There is no one popular drug that will work for you.  Antidepressants affect everyone differently, and you may have to try many different ones before you find the one that works for you.  I had to try quite a few different ones before we found something that is working for me.  
It can take 4-6 weeks before you see a difference in your moods after starting an antidepressant so you should talk to your parents, if you feel you can, and see a psychiatrist ASAP.  If you are suicidal, call the National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255).  Or look on the internet for other suicide hotlines.  It is very important to talk to someone to help you through this.
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with my experience with anti-depressents i have found paxil to be the worst, causing tremors, night terrors and weight gain, now i am taking lexapro and haven't really experienced any bad side effects, but everyone responds differently to ssri's, so what works for me might not work for someone else. you should talk to your doctor about your options.
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I have had chronic depression for years and have tried lots of drugs nothing seemed to help.  I had terrible side effects with Paxil, Effexor and Lexapro, especially when I quit taking them.  Wellbutrin had the least side effects for me BUT I have read (and I'm a psychology major, only second year though so I'm not at all a professional) that...

In clinical trial after clinical trial aerobic exercise on a regular basis works as well or better than ANY antidepressant in double blind studies.

Of course that is a double edge sword because when you are really depressed it's hard to find the motivation to get out of bed, so exercise in a depressed state might be impossible.  I recently got off Wellbutrin and am now exercising three times a week and I feel better than I have in years.  Of course it's not that simple, I was diagnosed with BP II and my doc and I found the right combination of mood stabilizers to help me get to a point where I'm not so lethargic and depressed that I can motivate myself to exercise and take better care of myself.  

Good luck and don't lose hope, you can get better and seeking help is a major step in winning the battle.
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