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Why can't I post this under 'Anxiety' but am forced to put it under 'Agorophobia'?

I wonder if anyone can throw some light on something that has been bothering me badly for the last week or so.  It actually started about 3 years ago but is usually ok.

I feel like I need to take a deep breath all the time but my throat (below the Adam's apple) feels tight.  I think this tightness is what makes me want to take a deep breath.

I'm on bisoprolol for heart palpitations and I worry that this tightness is related to my heart.  Other conditions that occur to me which might cause it, and which I would welcome as benign explanations, are anxiety (I'm a serial worrier but I won't go into what else is bothering me right now) and acid reflux (I took lansoprozole over many years but stopped last year).

I'm struggling to find similar symptoms on the site so any comments would be welcome.

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Have you mentioned this throat feeling tight to your doctor and explained that you think it could be related to your heart, anxiety or acid reflux? If so what was their response? If you find someone with a similar story on this site make sure they got a doctor's diagnosis that was the problem, because otherwise they might be wrong and not realize it.
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I've never mentioned it to the doctor, but I'm still troubled 5 months on so it's about time I did.
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