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Why do I feel like I’m always high and anxious?

Hey everyone I’m a 22 year old male and I’ve been feeling super wierd for the past two weeks I’d have to say. I d felt this before and I’ve been able to bare it but now it’s affecting my daily life, my eyes feel like heavy and everything feels like a dream. It mostly comes on when I drive I feel a super wierd feeling in my chest and I just feel like I want to go home. It usually happens at red lights or a complete stop. My hands are sweaty and my chest is just feeling super wierd, it’s not pain but rather a feeling that I can’t explain. Whenever I drive have the constant feeling like I’m going to have an episode, can anyone help? Or am I just going crazy? If it helps this started about 5 years ago when I chugged a monster and had a panic attack at night while driving. Also I used to smoke I just quit about 4 days ago and yeah. I’m not sure if anyone else has felt this but it’s rrally starting to ruin my life because I can’t go out and have fun because I feel like I’m going to pass out or anything. Please help me!!!
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It sounds like a phobia developing around driving.  Very common.  I'd go see a therapist who specializes in anxiety treatment before this gets any more chronic than it already is.  Make sure they specialize in anxiety treatment so they will be able to teach relaxation techniques and know how to do behavioral therapy that might help you stop thinking this way -- if they don't specialize in anxiety treatment you can end up talking for years without getting better.  Good luck.
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Hi, you are going through with phobia, better to consult with a expert psychologist to overcome your come fear
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