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Why do I have this feeling of anxiety???

I am a 29 yr female and all of a sudden I have anxiety. It started about 3weeks ago I was driving to work and I just felt very anoxious (sorry for spelling) for no reason at all. I thought maybe it was PMS bc AF came a few days after it started but she is gone now but the anxiety is not. The feeling I get is like the feeling you would get when you have to take a test or your boss wants to see you. I don't feel as anyone is watching me or that something bad is about to happen. My breathing is normal or at least normal to me. My life is pretty much good right now I had issues with my bf but we are good now and I don't think thats it bc I've trained myself not to worry over little things. I'm also on metformin and prenatal vitamins and thought it maybe a side effect but I've been taking those for almost 3months and I would think a side effect would happen in the 1st cpl of weeks like the upset stomach and the headaches did.
I thought maybe that I was worrying about something subconsiously is that possible you know to be worried but not know what you are worried about. I was just wondering if anyone could give me some insight.
P.S. I have anxiety right now while I'm typing and I don't know why. Any advice is welcomed.
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everybody experiences anxiety; however, if you've had this anxiety for the past 3 weeks, you might have generalized anxiety disorder. have you spoken to your doctor about how you've been feeling? mild-to-moderate anxiety can be treated with exercise, relaxation techniques (ex: deep breathing), therapy, etc. more severe or persistent anxiety can be treated with antidepressants and/or anti-anxiety medication.

all the best..  
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Well how it got there is over sensitized nerves.  What happens sometimes over a long period of time your nerves get sensitized.  Meaning the cares of life just get to them.  Also losing alot of weight, medical issues such as thyroid and other hormonal things can play a part.
If i was you I would go to the doc get some blood work done to rule out medical issues.  If you have found this site it lets me know your are def sensitized nerve issue.  Only people with generalyzed anxiety tend to search the internet for help.  The good news you have not devolped into panic.  Like i said 1. get a physical  2. start giving your brain a break 20 min breathing exersises should bring you down and also exercising will help also.
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My hormones are a little out of whack bc I have PCOS but my thyroid is great. Honestly I'm very laid back I'm not stressing about anything in my life at the moment so my brain get's plenty of break time. I'm not hyperventalating (sorry for spelling) but I could try the breathing exercises and actuall exercise would do me good no matter what. I found this site bc I have PCOS and was ttc and wanted to know if other people were like me. After I developed this anxiety feeling I checked to see if there was a forum for it and there was.
I'm not gonna go to the doc yet bc its not interferring with my life its just a feeling I'm having and I don't know why. I'm already on meds for PCOS and don't want more of them (I hate taking pills) lol.
Thank You guys for your advice.:)
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