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Why does this all feel like a dream?

Hello I am 14, and really want some questions answered. A few months ago around September, I was laying in bed singing to myself (Hay Jude) than I sort of fell asleep while singing and woke up and was like... Woah. It was so weird I felt floaty, and I told my mom, she said I just needed some sleep. So I drank water and layed in bed. My breathe was terribly shaky, and my heart was pounding I was having a panic attack. Soon enough I fell asleep. When I woke up the feeling was still there. And its been about 3months and I haven't Ben able to snap out of it or "wake up" life feels like its zooming by, and it feels like a dream. And I told my teacher, she said its "anxiety" but I shouldn't be anxious about anything! And honestly it might be depression, I was singing that "Hay Jude" song because my boyfriends name is Jude, and he lives far away. Maybe I entered some weird state of depression. But I don't know. And the feeling is most strong at night. And I get afraid to tell my mom about it but just an hour ago I told her everything, and she is going to get me an appointment tomorrow. I hope they find what is wrong, and if they can help me wake up.
Please, I just want to feel normal again that's all I want. I've already had a rough year, and I just want to feel like I'm not dreaming all the time... So please please please . I'm only 14 and I have panic attacks really easily. This honestly doesn't feel like a medical problem, it just feels so so so so weird. I'm always floating around behind some curtain of fog. And the part that freaks me out the most is that my grandmother has scystophrenia and I sometimes think it could have passed to me but. Oh please I just wanna feel normal.
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Hey I in the same boat with anxiety, all caused by a family member's death and voila. You can go to your doctor and talk about this with them. They can give you a "happy pill" which will make you not worry as much. If your worried you might have schizophrenia, talk to your doc about it. Im 15 going on 16, and after i got my anxiety pill it got better overa course of a few weeks and then I could go without it. Though i can still have a few panic attacks but not nearly as much when i started my pill. Just talk with your doctor about all this and see what goes from there
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There is help doll... just be as honest as you can!
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im in the same boat! has anyone found a cure! Update pls
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I have this experience before!! For me, it was onset by smoking weed and lasted maybe 2-3 months. It gets slowly better over time, I promise. This is called derealization/depersonalization. It's a symptom of anxiety but sometimes also exists on its own. The best advice I can give you is to first calm down, IT WILL BE OK. I promise. Its the scariest thing in the world but I've recovered and so can you. There are tons of online forums, etc that you can look into and people sharing their stories. This is surprisingly common but people are scared to talk about it for fear of sounding crazy, psychotic etc. BUT youre not going crazy, dp/dr is your brain trying to protect you from anxiety by making you feel like you are in a dream-like state. And you can get out of it! All you can really do is go on with life as normally as you can, go through the motions and slowly day by day the symptoms will lift. try to remain healthy (work out, eat right, etc.), and educate yourself about anxiety. Look into the Linden Method. I didn't go see a therapist or anything about this but I am sure it could also be helpful. GOOD LUCK I promise you will be fine, you can get through this.xx
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