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Why is my chest hurting after weed aniexty atrack

I had smoked weed and lm not a smoker. I kept swallowing the smoke because I heard it helps get you high faster well , i did get high but when I started laughing I felt kinda like a pop in my left chest but I ignored it and kept laughing . But I ended up catching a very bad aniexty attack. It a month later and my chest hurts and it feels like the pain is traveling inside my breast . Also my left arm veins hurt and sometimes feels like it’s on fire at one spot on my inner arm . Also my uvula is a bit longer to the point it touching the back of my throat and now it a bit hard to breath..I was coughing up mucus and hard to sleep because when I wake up my chest feel heavy, sometime I do burp a lot . , I did a ekg Nd my heart is fine they said . not sure if you guys know why I’m still experiencing chest pain and all these other symptoms
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The chest pain could be that you tweaked something in that area and it hasn't healed yet.  Some of the other stuff could be you weren't able to let go of the bad experience and have held onto the anxiety.  That can be worked on in therapy if that's the case.  If you look at the archives in this forum you will see a lot of posts about people who got their first anxiety attacks while stoned.  Happened to me.  But it doesn't mean the weed did it, it might have brought out something from inside you that was going to come out anyway.  No way to know now.  By the way, you do have to hold in the smoke to get high.  That's actually true.  But you don't have to swallow it, you just hold it in longer before you let it out.  Question:  do you live in a very smoggy area?  Ever get something like this when you were out playing on a smoggy day?
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Yes true towards the aniexty part , I already have aniexty so ig I smoked a bit to much and it triggered something but I was freaking out thinking my boyfriend was trying to kill me . And do I catch an aniexty attack when I’m outside on a smoggy day ? Is that the question?
No, I was wondering if your chest hurt.  When I was a kid growing up in LA, it was incredibly smoggy and often our chests hurt after a day of activity.  Same thing can happen when smoking pot both because of the pulling the smoke in and also when it makes us anxious we can feel a pressure in the chest caused by our anxiety just as can happen with an anxiety attack without smoking pot.  So I just wondered as it might explain the chest feeling.  When we get an anxious experience we often feel certain physical things, and if we hold onto the anxiety we can often hold onto those physical sensations as well.  I'd say from your reaction, pot isn't going to agree with you.  But I knew lots of people it didn't agree with and they just didn't use it anymore.  Not everyone held onto the anxiety.  When you do that, it's often a sign that you had a budding anxiety problem anyway and now is a good time perhaps to see a therapist and nip it in the bud.  Peace.
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