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Why is my heart pounding for days but heart rate is normal?

So I've been told by doctors that I suffer with anxiety. I've had two 'panic attacks' now within 2 weeks. For 2 years I've had little heart flutters, palpitations, shooting pains through my heart that last a few seconds and sleeping problems but I've never suffered with anything like this before. The first panic attack my heart was physically pounding out of my chest and my heart rate shot up. I also had an instant feeling of pins and needles/numbness through my left side when it started. Bloods and ECG all came back normal. Once I was able to catch my breath after several hours of horrible pain, the heart palpitations lasted around 2 days before I was back to my 'normal' self. 2 weeks on and I've had another. This time I was able to control my breathing and feel I was able to mentally fight the urge to collapse. It's now the day after and my heart is still pounding out of my chest and just overall doesn't feel how it used to before all of this, even different to after my last one. My left side still feels tense. The reason I don't feel like this is all anxiety is because I'm doing little things to take my mind off the feeling and some of the time it's working but half an hour later I focus back on the heart and it never seems to go away. I'm not doubting that it's not anxiety but it's hard to convince myself that there isn't an underlying problem that they seem to be dismissing because they've decided I have anxiety. I feel like my body is trying to tell me something. I'm 20 years old, I'm not on any medication for anything and I live a fairly healthy and active lifestyle.

Any help would be much appreciated as it's starting to get me down that I can't just go about a normal day at the moment without dragging everyone into my problems. I also feel like it's going to affect my work soon.

Thank you
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If you've been told it's anxiety and you say you do suffer anxiety, the first question would be, have you tried anything to treat it?  Ever tried therapy with a psychologist who specializes in anxiety treatment, for example?  Ever tried meditation?  Now, I have to say, if you say you're suffering "horrible" pain and that's accurate, that would be unusual -- anxiety can cause a lot of things because of the stress it puts on us and the hyper focus we put on our bodies and symptoms, but often there is a physiological explanation for things that doctors don't find it easy to find.  They are particular bad at diagnosing the hard to find things, such as thyroid problems or hidden viruses or infections, for example, or nutritional deficiencies.  But if everyone is telling you it's anxiety, getting treatment and overcoming it makes everything go away, that would tell you it was anxiety, and anxiety attacks are really traumatic.  When this stuff gets chronic, it gets harder and harder to fix, so I do recommend the most thorough physical examination with the best doc you can find but also you need to treat the anxiety.  If you are getting so bad your life is getting way off, your therapist will send you to a psychiatrist for medication, because sometimes that's the only thing that works, but it is your choice how to approach this.  My main point is, if it is anxiety, dealing with it sooner is a lot better.
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